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ToxicMarlin Level 1 Level 1
Long story short, I would like to be able to convert an mp3 file into a voice memo file that I can play through the voice memo recorder application.

Does anyone know what steps I would need to do to convert the file and "flag" it as a voice memo recording?

Is it even possible?


iPhone 3G, iOS 4
  • Allan Sampson Level 10 Level 10
    When I use Get Info for a voice memo in my iTunes library, the file extension is .m4a and under the Options tab at Media Kind, Voice Memo is selected.

    You can try changing the file extension to .m4a - make a backup copy of the sound file before doing so followed by importing the .m4a file into iTunes. If this alone does not place this in your Voice Memos playlist, locate the file in your iTunes library and use Get Info. Under the Options tab change the Media Kind to Voice Memo if not not already selected which should place the file in your Voice Memos playlist. Test if this transfers to your iPhone as a Voice Memo via the iTunes sync process.
  • ToxicMarlin Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks for the suggestions. Unfortunately this didn't seem to help. I took a MP3 file (a podcast), converted it to AAC (.m4a file extension) and then changed the Media Kind option to Voice Memo. Added it to the Voice Memo playlist, transferred it to the iPhone and it still didn't show up in the Voice Memo app.

    Thanks again.