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Since I've updated to OS4 I have noticed that something went wrong with app "Notes". Exacly, it cannot save the data instantly every time when I do changes/edit. I have to wait a quiet long time (2-3 minute) untill it saves the changes. Updating to 4.01 didn't help. Same problem.
What is it?

ASUS, Windows Vista
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    It works fine on mine. Haven't seen any issues up till now.
    Do you have it synced to anything? Or do you just use it on it own?
    I have it on 4.0.2 but I didn't have any problems with it on 4.0 or 4.0.1
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    Yes i do synce it regularly but never had this problem before (own Iphone 1.5 year). Never changed any settings. Its started recently. I assume after updating to os4.
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    When you sync it, what do you sync it to?
    Is there a program that you use on your computer to view/edit the notes as well, like outlook, gmail, yahoo?
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    I sync with itunes. But don't get what its got to do with sync?
    Have upgraded to 4.02 but still same problem. Got really sick of it and looking for third party apps
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    I'm sorry but i'm only trying to help.

    I am asking the questions simply trying to narrow down the issue to try to workout where the conflict you are experiencing may be coming from.
    For example, I use notes sync them into mail and I can add notes either in mail or the phone. Others you may sync through MobileMe and and using the notes in Outlook.

    It sounds like you simply use notes on your phone and use iTunes to back them up and sync them to nothing.
    Unfortunately with my local testing I can't repeat your problem and can only suggest the basic trouble shooting tips of trying; reboot the phone, If that makes no difference to reset the phone and if it's still no different to restore the phone using iTunes.

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    My wife and I have the same problem. It is really annoying. A fix from Apple would be nice. This never happened with our #G iphones.
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    Same problem here. Edits I make to notes after first saving them seem to be saved, but when I come back to notes a few hours later, they have disappeared. Very annoying.
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    Yep, chalk up yet another reason for me to move to Android - if only I didn't have a long contract! Every update that Apple makes appears to make my 3GS worse!! I'm sick of it.

    3GS now drains its battery overnight, notes don't sync correctly and are overwritten randomly.....and that's after me having to swap my original 3GS (which worked perfectly for a whole year on OS3!) as I couldn't make a phone call for over 5-10 mins!!
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    I can help with this one. I had the same problem, but I found out that when I upgraded to 4.0.1, a new feature (that I was unaware of) would "sync" my notes to my yahoo mail account. Automatically. Over the air. This is a different "sync" than when you connect your iphone to your computer.

    What was happening was essentially a "cut and Paste" of the data I typed into the iphone "Notes" app and yahoo mail would take it and store it in the "Notes" section of my Yahoo Mail account. When I logged into Yahoo Mail, there is a "notes" icon down on the bottom left of the page. I clicked on that, and it displayed all the notes I had typed into my iphone, but had disappeared.

    So, I went into Settings>Mail,Contacts,Calendars>Accounts and selected my Yahoo account, and then turned OFF the Notes toggle.

    That fixed it.

    So, your notes are saved somewhere in cyberspace. Just not on your iphone! Turning this off, will keep them on your iphone.