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Is there any way to actually SAVE a draft of a text message? I sometimes get half way thru, want to do something else, and find I have SHUT down my texting without, obviously, having SAVED it. Annoying !!


Dell, Windows XP Pro
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    You can select all on the texts, and copy and paste feature.
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    every day i find iphone ***** more and more... i don't believe that you can't save a text for future mailing. i just wrote a long text with a heck of a lot of recipients, hand selected, for the second time. i hit cancel by mistake the first time because i was only allowed 18 recipients before the app gave me **** for adding more recipients, so every time i had to tap into the to field i got closer and closer to cancel... cause it kept giving me more problems with the field the more names i added... it's late and i want to send the text first thing in the am... and there's a text that was just sent to me... this really *****! apple... fix this ****... get you software engineers on it and fix it... this is truly pathetic! it's no different than saving a draft as an email... and we shouldn't have to get 3rd party apps to make this work!
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    Just don't delete them and they will all be there to access later, even really old ones can be downloaded back to your phone.
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    Ranting really helps!
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    My wife has had an iPhone for a while and says to "compose" texts in Notes so you don't lose drafts then copy to texting.


    Apple support directed me to apple.com/feedback. This is what I said there:


    I Just got my iPhone five yesterday. Today I wrote a long text and started to add multiple contacts. At the top of the screen the + symbol (to add contacts) is right next to the CANCEL button. I accidentally hit cancel and everything was GONE!


    Apple support confirmed there is no save to drafts for texting. My 5 Year old Windows phone asks to save to drafts if you hit cancel! This issue has been known for years in Apple Community... Why not fix it?


    You could easily move the cancel button away from the plus button, right? 


    Also, allow automatic save to a drafts folder. Please fix this very basic problem! Thank you!

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    Yes, I agree!! I just got an iPhone 2 days ago, and noticed that there is no 'save' feature for texts on the phone and was trying to find it. What a poor design of the program!! My other 3 phones had 'save draft' very clearly there, so I could come back and edit my text if I got a phone call or had to answer an email.  This needs to be fixed!!


    Thanks for the tip on writing the texts in Notes, first. Not a great solution, but at least it's an alternative. Apple needs to fix this ASAP.

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    kwopau, but what about having drafts saved automatically? like when you accidentally shut that text in the middle of composing?