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when i want to manually sync my iphone, itunes does not show the "devices"
selection. my iphone is connected when i open itunes. still no "devices" selection. funny, but iphoto shows the "devices" selection, but the section is
blank. any ideas?

imac 7.1
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    I have a similar problem - have you managed to sort it. After downloading itunes and the device is on the desktop the iphone shows in itunes. When I shut down and restart the iphone does not appear in itunes but is still in iphoto! Have downloaded itunes several times, tried reinstalling apple mobile device service any ideas
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    I upgraded to iOS4.02 last night, and as the download was indicated to take about an hour, went to bed -- now the iPhone (3G) has the new operating system, but does not appear as a device in iTunes (9.2.1). All this is running under Snow leopard on a Mac Mini. What gives?
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    Me too. New iPhone user. Cannot get my iPhone to show up as a device on iTunes. iTunes is running fine otherwise. How do I get into iTunes? I'm running iTunes 9. My phone opens up to iTunes, but only to the store -- not to the stuff stored on my computer.
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    I finally got this to work -- simply by rebooting with the iPhone connected. I suspect that iPhoto is somehow implicated in the problem, since I had quit iPhoto when I started the download and it automatically reloaded on the reboot.
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    Thought I had latest snow leopard; updated - problem solved. DOH!
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    I had the same problem. iTunes would not register my wife's phone as a device. My phone was just fine. So here is how I fixed her problem after exhausting all the apple support tips. First thing I did was go to apple.com and saved the newest iTunes software to the desk top (do not install yet). Then I went into control pannel to uninstall software. Uninstall the following....Apple Application Support, Apple Mobile Device Support, Apple software update, Bonjour, and then finally uninstall iTunes. Then reboot your system, once reboot is complete go to your desktop and install the newest iTunes that you saved earlier. This worked like a charm...let me know if it helps.