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We are running Exchange 2003 and some inboxes keep clearing out and have to reload all the emails based on the setting. This has happened several times on certain iPADs and on multiple ones at the same time.

While the iPAD is on, it throws up an error message that says "Connection to Server failed" and then clears out. This is while connected via WiFi on our local network in the office. This has happened in multiple locations in our company.

Any ideas? I've seen other people have had this problem and the only common item is Exchange 2003.

iPAD 32 GB - 3G, iPhone OS 3.1
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    We are seeing the same thing here. The iPad in some users will blank out the mailbox and return a server connection failed message. In other instances it will return message headers and folder structures, but not the message body. It will have a download rest of message option but it will be 0 kb and will not retrieve any other portion of the message.

    It seems like it can pull certain pieces of information, but can not return to the server and get full messages.

    Also the calendar is blanked out even though data is contained.

    We are also running exchange 2003.
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    Same Problem here with iPad and iPhone.
    The Folders will leave blank and the error "Connection to Server failed" appears.

    Server ist also Exchange 2003 SP2.