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I have a Netflix DVD which I've had replaced 3 times. My DVD player can play other DVD's except this one. It works fine on my Compaq laptop though. I get an error that reads:
"DVD Player encountered an error it could not recover from."
The disk copy protection could not be verified. The disk cannot be played. [-70025]

Apple nor Netflix could help with this problem and Apple service suggested to check this forum. This is a new iMac (two weeks old. All software is up to date. Does anyone have a suggestion or help in this matter? Thank you.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Some discs do indeed have copy protection. You could try another DVD player software such as VLC or Interactual's DVD Player for the Mac and launch the program before inserting the DVD. If it still doesn't read, it is possible the movie publisher chose to have very specific copy protection put on the disc that the Mac doesn't understand. You could also try to play the disc running Windows or Linux on the Mac with Oracle's VirtualBox. If it works there, it says there is something about the Mac's DVD drivers that doesn't like the copy protection on the disc. Contact the movie publisher and let them know you are haivng this trouble.