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I have a dimly lit office and my 21.5" iMac just barely fits on the monitor shelf. Today I was in a hurry to get some data off an SD card. Quickly I felt around the side, thought I had the SD slot, slammed the SD card in, only to find I put it in the CD/DVD slot instead. Just a bit was peeking out and in trying to grab on to it, the SD card slipped completely out of sight into the slot.

In about 1 hour, I have an appointment with the local Genius in order to retrieve the SD card.

Never do that again!

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    by the time you get this you will no doubt already have seen the genius and solved your problem. You're not the only one, though. Just for your amusement, check out this thread.


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    Well, according to the thread above, I don't seem to even be original in making this mistake.

    I did take it in to Apple and they were unable to "snag" the SD card with any quick solutions. I had to leave it overnight as they will have to open it up to retrieve the card. If I hadn't "futzed" around with it, and used some of the methods on the other thread, the problem would have been solved. When I started futzing, the trailing edge was visible, but it soon disappear into the DARK.

    The Genius was concerned that it may have damaged the optical drive and if so, that will have to be replaced also. I didn't try the eject button, nor did I try to put a CD in the optical drive as I was afraid that would make the matter worse. I bought the computer about 5 months ago so it will be interesting to see if they blame it on me and I have to pay for fixing the computer. Yes, it was my fault, but I think it was very stupid of Apple to put the SD slot right under the CD/DVD slot. For ease of use, the SD slot should have been on the front of the iMac IMHO.
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    They may indeed charge you for the recovery and any repairs even though it seems to be a fairly common problem due to the placement of that slot. And I agree that a front access slot would have been safer and more handy to the user assuming that there is no internal obstruction to putting one there. Even if there is actually no such internal obstruction Apple obviously values aesthetics highly and placing the slot where it is surely does give the front of the machine that clean, sleek look that many if not most of us appreciate. Perhaps in a future design that problem will be taken care of in some way and I hope it will not cost you too much if it costs you anything at all.

    Good luck

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    Got my iMac back today with NO charge even though they replaced the optical drive (which they claim was damaged by my inserting a SD card into the optical drive slot. The apparently standard charge to replace the optical drive is $85 (which they signed off on due to the fact that I'm still under the 1 year warranty period.

    Out of 5 Apple computers in my household, 3 of them (including this one) have now had the optical drives replaced. Not a very good report on the Apple optical drives to say the least.
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    The drive was luckily damaged by Apple getting the SD card out. I doubt a small SD card could do any harm sitting in the CD drive.
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    You're far from the only one to do things like this. I was once tasked with removing a memory card someone tried to stick into a memory card reader. Think the card was a Pro Duo, like used in the PSP.

    Don't recall all the details, but the card was completely inside the port. Managed to make some makeshift tweezers with a couple of blacksticks. At the very least, you'll have a lot of company with regards to this little incident. I'm sure there are plenty of people out there with even worse stories.
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    Anyway you cut the mustard, this is a bad design having the SD slot within an inch directly underneath the optical drive slot. That would be ok except that both are located on the side which usually means a "blind" poke reaching around the side to insert an SD card.

    In my case, the only sure way to avoid putting an SD card in the optical slot is to turn the monitor about 45 degrees. PITA. The SD slow should be on the front of the monitor (IMHO, on the lower right hand side.)

    Normally, I don't bother with what I consider to be an obnoxious SD location and just use a card reader plugged into a USB hub that sits on my desk in front of the monitor. This time I couldn't find my card reader quick enough and elected to go with the blind SD "poke", much to my regret.
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    +Out of 5 Apple computers in my household, 3 of them (including this one) have now had the optical drives replaced. Not a very good report on the Apple optical drives to say the least.+

    I've used an external burner for quite a few years now; IMHO, a super slim vertically installed laptop style drive is begging to develop problems - even if it's just that an inserted CD has accidentally moved ever so slightly. To me, both the drive slot and now the SD slot designs (location) are form over function and I simply treat them as non-existent/functional.
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    I guess that says it all.
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    Personally, I couldn't see myself making this mistake, but I've heard this happen to ALOT of people. How much you wanna bet Apple moves the SD slot to the other side of the iMac in the next major revision.

    SD cards will replace DVDs in the not too distant future anyways. :-p
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    Ive done this too. my cd drive was broke before I put the card in and I got a new one foc. One way of not doing it again is to leave a card in there. That way you have to take it out before you put one back in etc etc.