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Is there a way to import all my email contacts into the mail app (for yahoo mail)?

Dell, Windows 7
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    any help?
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    I set up my iPhone mail the other day on my phone, and it gave you an option to sync calendars, contacts, and notes. It's all found under settings then mail then yahoo after you set up the account. This should sync both ways. I don't use yahoo for this, but it's worth a shot.
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    ==edited to fix up==
    In order to sync contacts, you need to have Yahoo! Address Book on your computer to sync OTA to PC to iPhone. iPhone OTA Contacts can also be synced via Yahoo CardDAV.

    Google syncs contacts by adding MS Exchange as m.google.com being their server with your user name and password, but you won't be able to sync notes.

    Yahoo syncs contacts by adding a CardDAV account:
    Tap Mail, Contacts, Calendars
    Tap Add Account
    Tap Other and then tap Add CardDAV Account
    For the Server you need to enter carddav.address.yahoo.com
    Now type in the Yahoo! ID and password you use to sign in to your Yahoo! Contacts
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    That worked! Thanks
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    I did the Carddav setup, too. However, I can't seem to make it a two-way sync with yahoo contacts. I am unsure if this program will not do that or if I have an incorrect setting. The phone will update yahoo, but yahoo will not update the phone. When I touch the contacts (came w/ the phone), I have 3 choices of groups: All Contacts, All from my PC, and All Carddav.address.yahoo.com and I choose the carddav.

    In settings, I added carddav account for contacts, it is set up as default account.

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    Problem solved with iTunes10. They added Yahoo back to a choice for Sync Contacts with, select Yahoo, then click on Configure and type in your Yahoo password. I had to change the settings in my iPhone back to the orignal settings before adding Cardav acct.

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    yahoo did it first try



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    Can you do this for the Ipad also?

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    Worked for me on the ipad2 yay!

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    HELP! I am missing something or doing something wrong!


    I have several contacts which were added to the ipad and I would now like to sync over to my Yahoo Contacts. I did the cardav and nothing worked. The names/ comtacts were still on the iPad but did not transfer over to my Yahoo Contacts ... whats going on ...


    I thought contacts would seemless sync between Yahoo, the device (ipad and iphone) and iCloud, but this has been a disaster. Contacts are spread over all three now ...

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    Once you set up contact sync via iTunes for your Y! account, your iPhone contacts should start "flowing in" to your Yahoo account and vice versa. Here is more on how to sync iPhone contacts via Yahoo and iTunes.