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I have tried just about everything to connect my Iphone 4 to my home WIFI. Short of getting a new router I have a Linksys Wireless G Router WRT54G. My security is a WPA security. Apple Expert at the Apple store told me to set up WPA2 but that is not compatible according to Linksys. We removed all security and still could not connect. My laptops work fine. My TIVO works fine. I am able to connect to other WIFIS like a neighbors whose is not secure and the WIFI at the Apple Store. Is there some type of setting in my router we are not setting correctly? Kind of frustrated and don't want to purchase a new router if we don't have to. Any help is appreciated.

HP Laptop Pavillion, Windows XP, Linksys Wireless - G Router
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    Having a similar problem. My Linksys is a WRT54G2 v1.5. And it has worked fine in the past. But lately (I can't say exactly when it changed) my wi-fi connection on my iPhoene is terrible. The SPeedtest.net app consistantly gives me a ping in the 200 range, dowload speeds around 0.2 and upload speeds of 0.0 while I'm standing right next to it. All other devices and laptops connect fine and test at much higher speeds, and my phone connects fine everywhere else. Multiple resets of the router, the DSL modem and my iPhone have made no difference, nor has resetting all network settings on my iPhone. In fact I just did a complete restore to my iPhone 2 days ago, and the issue is unchanged.

    And advise would be appreciated.