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How do I transfer photos without iTunes?
I'm on holiday in my home country, UK, and have with me:

My new iPad
My smartphone (running Windows Mobile). It uses a micro SD card, so that rules out one route.
My digicam (with standard SD card)

The hotels in which I'm staying typically have a PC with wifi. But they won't have iTunes installed. Nor Windows ActiveSync. But I'll assume they will have an SD card reader. What are my options for getting the hundred or so photos off my camera onto my iPad please, so that I can browse them?

After copying them to the PC, can I use the iPad cable to get them across?

If not, presumably I have to use wifi? But how, exactly? I guess I could use the PC to email each one to myself, and use Mail on the iPad to receive them and hence get them to Photos. But for large numbers that's obviously impractical. Is there some clever way to achieve this? Maybe ZIP them up, and then unzip them into separate JPGs on the iPad?

For future holidays I suppose I'll have to get a Camera Connection Kit, although that seems an exorbitant cost for what seems to be basically a USB cable.


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