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How do I transfer photos without iTunes?
I'm on holiday in my home country, UK, and have with me:

My new iPad
My smartphone (running Windows Mobile). It uses a micro SD card, so that rules out one route.
My digicam (with standard SD card)

The hotels in which I'm staying typically have a PC with wifi. But they won't have iTunes installed. Nor Windows ActiveSync. But I'll assume they will have an SD card reader. What are my options for getting the hundred or so photos off my camera onto my iPad please, so that I can browse them?

After copying them to the PC, can I use the iPad cable to get them across?

If not, presumably I have to use wifi? But how, exactly? I guess I could use the PC to email each one to myself, and use Mail on the iPad to receive them and hence get them to Photos. But for large numbers that's obviously impractical. Is there some clever way to achieve this? Maybe ZIP them up, and then unzip them into separate JPGs on the iPad?

For future holidays I suppose I'll have to get a Camera Connection Kit, although that seems an exorbitant cost for what seems to be basically a USB cable.


PC, Windows XP Pro, NA
  • Arthur Jacks Level 1 (65 points)
    My personal opinion, rather than spend your holiday trying to work out how to get your photos onto your iPad by the methods you describe above you would be better visiting an Apple store and getting the CCK, the cost is small compared with the amount of time trying to do the above.
    If a CCK is not an option I would just purchase a couple of extra memory cards and keep shooting, you are on holiday remember ! Enjoy it.
    I am a UK resident but I would not bank on a hotel PC having the card reader you need.
  • Alancito Level 6 (11,095 points)
    Terry ~ There's an app for that... After copying your photos to a PC, you can upload them to the iPad via Wi-Fi using this $2.99 app:


    More info in this article:


    ...found by doing THIS.

     ~ Alancito
  • Terry P Level 1 (0 points)
    Thanks both. Investigating that app right now.

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    I have not tried this with my iPad but I do this all the time with my iPhone. I do not use iTunes to sync new photos from my iPhone to the computer. All I do is go to "my computer" find where the iPhone is listed, open it up to where the pics are. Then I create a new folder on the desktop and copy and past them to the new folder and it's done. I hope this helps.
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    Thanks Justinb51, but I'm seeking a way to get them from an unfamiliar PC to my iPad.

    Terry, East Grinstead, UK
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    make a dropbox account
    upload the pics from the computer via dropboxes webinterface (in the webrowser)
    install dropboxapp on ipad
    download pics.

    i do this all the time.
    works for a lot of other filetypes too.
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    Thanks Patse, I'll try that today.

    Terry, UK
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    Lol all these answers dont answer the original question..there is no way to use dropbox as we cant get pictures to the pc.  Hotels have no card readers.. And i dont have a store by me to go buy the camera kit from apple....? Anyone...??


  • KurtStu Level 2 (150 points)

    As Patse suggested, install the dropbox app on your iPad. Upload the photos from the computer to dropbox, then download them on your iPad.


    These suggestions didn't answer your question because you just changed the information. In your first post you said the Hotels would have card readers, now you say they won't. Certainly it wouldn't be that hard to go buy the camera kit or a card reader while on vacation.

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    Not to be rude here but "I" never posted anything as I am not the OP of this thread... And the OP of this thread did not change the info as Arthur Jacks is the poster who says..(and he is correct...) you cant count on a hotel having any card reader as they indeed will not ( not where i am anyway..)


    But the question that I and the OP do have is not how to get any files to and from IPAD to PC..or pc to IPAD..but pictures off of the SD card ON TO  the IPAD..


    You can dropbox all over the place....but how is the dropbox going to read my sd card if i have nothing to plug it into ???  ""MOST"" public pc do not have a usb or card reader ( and i do understand why..) and in "my" case unless there is a apple store on this private vessle i'm on the camera kit OR a card reader is going to be pretty hard to get my hands on... And after googling 10000 different ways i always get to answers just like this that dont answer the question.. Did that mKe seance.. ?  ( i promise i'm not trying to be rude..) but the "helpful answers" everywhere on the web go no where for the question..


    How can i get the pictures off of a camera sd card to my ipad? Not how to get them to or from a PC


    Sadly i feel i know the answer... i cant is that correct??


    Seems i should be able to make it work... But i think its a no go


    Thanks for trying

  • KurtStu Level 2 (150 points)

    Oops, I wasn't watching the names and thought you were the original poster. Yes, you are correct, if you don't have the physical hardware to get the pictures from the card to a computer with an Internet connection, there isnt much you can do. Is there a library in your area, they might have a computer with a card reader?


    And not to be rude but isn't this something you should have thought about and purchased before you went on vacation in an area that doesn't have card readers for sale?

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    You can also download "Rollit, photo transfer app" available on the App Store. Really easy way to transfer photos and videos without installing any Mac or PC software and no needed to use iTunes synchronization. Here's the link : https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/rollit-photo-transfer-app/id741790426?l=fr&ls=1& mt=8