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I have apple tv and plan to subscribe on itunes to the new season of True Blood (which I am pretty sure is rated R here in Australia) but need to make sure that my kids can't access these episodes on the apple tv. Do the parental controls on apple tv help with this?
I was thinking about setting up a second itunes account because our existing itunes account is used by the whole family on the family imac. Is it even possible to set up the apple tv to sync from more than one itunes account?

or is there an easier way?

Does anyone have any advice?

imac, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    corindagal wrote:
    Do the parental controls on apple tv help with this?

    providing the content is rated appropriately then yes you should be able to restrict access to it.

    Is it even possible to set up the apple tv to sync from more than one itunes account?

    no you can't sync from more than 1 itunes library.
    you can stream from additional libraries, but not sync.
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    you cant sync from more than one account but i believe you can stream from more than one account if that helps. syncing is when it is actually loaded to the Apple tv and streaming is just a projection.

    What i do for this although a little more annoying i'm sure than the rating settings - since not all my files have ratings. If you un-check it in itunes it will not sync or stream to the apple tv even if it is selected in the apple tv menu in itunes. I do this because only i can sign into my computer so no kids can go changing it and if they are little they wont think that in depth anyway my boyfriend doesn't even pay enough attention to know why the content isn't on the apple tv. Hope that helps.
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    yes, you can set a threshold above which a password will be required to watch the item. TV Shows from the iTunes store will be rated.

    you can use the free program MetaX if you want to add/change ratings files.. you can do many multiples of files at the same time.. multi select, drag them into MetaX, select R or whatever rating and then press go..

    another option if you have lots of stuff that isn't rated and your're not interested this, is to create a playlists with all the family appropriate stuff for each of movies, tv shows, music etc.. then set the iTunes to sync these playlists.. in iTunes, click on the appleTV under devices, then check the checkbox "show only synced content" then only the family stuff will be shown on the appleTV.. if you want to see/play the other files in your iTunes library, go into iTunes again and uncheck that checkbox.. the unsynced files will be shown on the appleTV and streamed to the appleTV when clicked on from appleTV menus...

    another option is to create a main/syncing account on your computer with an iTunes that contains only the family appropriate content.. then create another account (for which only you know the password) with an iTunes with all stuff you don't want your kids to have access to.. setup this library to stream... log into this account and open iTunes, on your computer when you want to watch this stuff.. you can have both accounts open with iTunes open at the same time then you see everything..