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as i was using my mac yesterday i clicked on the trackpad and all of a sudden my entire display was zoomed in. i tried restarting it, holding ctrl and scrolling down, option-apple-8. and none of it worked. then i went to click on something and my resolution got all messed up which i don't know how to fix either. shortly after my entire screen went blank so i shut it down and when i turned it on this morning it worked, but my screen is still huge and the color isn't right.

help!! suggestions??

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.4.11)
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    "but my screen is still huge and the color isn't right."

    System Preferences>Universal Access>Zoom
    Make sure it's off.

    System Preferences>Display>Display
    Play around w/the resolutions.

    Check the Colors & Brightness settings.
    My Color setting is set to Millions which I believe is the default setting.

    Now click on the Color button.
    Check Display Profile
    Is Show profiles for this display only enabled or disabled?
    If necessary click on the Calibrate button & do the necessary.

    Now in the bottom right corner, click on the purple button w/the black ? mark in the middle. This will bring up the help window.

    Midway down, click on the Colorsync Utility link.

    The next window should be Profile First Aid.
    Read & follow the instructions/details of About Profile First Aid: & do the necessary to Verify & Repair.

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    i did all that ha. whenever i mess with the resolution it just makes me worse
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    okay the color issue is fixed...the zoom issue however is not
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    You already checked the Universal Access>Zoom feature to make sure it's off?