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    I believe the problem may be all in the iPad. I checked my usage at 475MB this morning and then ran Pandora in high quality for about 30 minutes while driving. I checked the usage immediately afterward and it read 466MB. I have noticed a number of times where my counter seems to go in reverse. I have the unlimited plan so I was not to concerned about it and I have not checked with AT&T to see what the actual usage is. A defective counter may explain why so many users are seeing conflicting numbers though.

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  • lllaass Level 10 Level 10
    Just curious of how you are checking usage. You said you have the unlimited paln and people have siad if you have that plan the Cellular Dat Network information ins Settings on the iPad does not function with the unlimited plan.
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    If you think there are only small errors read on...Orange have told me my data usage charge for a recent trip to Spain is £10,500.00
    I went to Spain fully aware of hi data roaming costs so my bill for £10,500.00 didn't happen because i downloaded movies or You Tube clips without knowing. My argument is say **I chose to** leave data roaming on 24-7 .....Say I wanted to download large files.... As long as every time I used the phone I checked the MB received and sent under Mobile Network Data I would have seen the MB usage go up and could control my spending. I know from the Network data shown since the last reset that I was over my bundle by 16MB. That should cost me £48 max and yet Orange say I used £10,500.00 of data!
    This is not a fault of the I Phone 4 it's the Spanish network sending my carrier the wrong information. I've tested my Mobile Network Data against other users phones since coming back to the UK and it's 95% accurate to their data usage.
    I also spoke to Apple and Orange directly and was advised that without wifi access to check the actual carriers data logged for my phone they both recommended simply checking the phones data information is the way to track usage and avoid the shock bills. That's why the phone has that function.
    It's the time and hassle and grief the customers have while they wait for these disputes to be resolved and we never hear of them giving suitable compensation when they do get it wrong.
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    I really would like to see a resolution here. I signed up for the 250 MB plan August 26th and the iPad cellular data usage shows as 2.2 MB upload and 12.3 mb download, while the AT&T Account shows my usage at 54 MB. That is a big difference. AT&T tried to tell me I must have reset my iPad usage. I did not, and in fact the screen shot clearly shows Last reset: Never. I have been on four days, and ATT is showing 3x usage. Someone needs to solve this. I have been testing the 3G and am pretty sure the low number is correct, because I am almost always on wifi and turn off the 3G except when I am on the bus.
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    Yeah, AT&T is way high. I just finished my first data plan at 250MB and I hit the data limit well before the time limit. The numbers in the iPad counters were much lower than 250MB and I never reset those counters (and can prove it - see below.)

    Indeed before I signed up for more data I went so far as to take a picture of the two screens - one with AT&T saying I was at the 250MB limit and the other showing the iPad as way under and the counters having been reset "Never".

    I don't have the numbers with me right now (since I'm at work) but I'll post those when I get a chance.

    Big deltas...

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    Follow up: AT&T said this must be an Apple problem and gave me the Apple number. Apple (after trying a hard reset which by the way did not reset the usage statistic) is saying this is an ATT problem. I told Apple that ATT said it is an Apple problem. Apple put me through to ATT and then ATT put me back to Apple.
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    On the phone with Apple again, we turned off wifi and downloaded a 5.8 mb app from the app store. The iPad usage shows a total of 23.1 total while the ATT screen on the Cellular Data Account shows 58 megs. So the Apple shows an increased amount of 4 mb and the iPad shows a proper amount of increase. What is ATT doing?
  • dnuffer Level 1 Level 1
    I have emailed myself a 5.8 mb file, and now iPad usage shows 32.6 MB an increase of 9.5 MB and ATT shows 71 MB, a 13 MB increase.

    No one at ATT or Apple that I spoke with had heard of this issue, or knew of this thread.
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    I checked my usage at 475MB this morning and then ran Pandora in high quality for about 30 minutes while driving. I checked the usage immediately afterward and it read 466MB.

    By the way it matters which way you check the counters and when. I believe that the iPad counters under "Usage" update immediately, so running Pandora should show an increase right away. However the AT&T counter under "View Account" does NOT increase right away in my experience. I can check my AT&T counter, run stuff in 3G mode, check back immediately and see no difference. But when I come back later in the day, the counter has been updated. AT&T's servers must be caching the stats somewhere and only push the info out periodically.

    I can't explain the decrease though. Now that's truly odd.
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    I believe AT&T are wildly inaccurate. I am now in my 3rd 2gb, plan after entirely using up the first 2, and almost a 1gb into the 3rd. iPad counter shows 1gb down and 300mb upload!!

    10 days into my second plan i received an email saying i only had 20% left, at which point i turned off cellular communications. 2 days later i received an email saying only 10% left. The next day I called At&t to ask how my plan was being used without the device being switched on, and learned the final 10% had also been used. Note for the previous 3 days before the 20% warning I had stopped traveling and had been on my home wifi network. AT&T said they would investigate and call back with details of the usage after servers had a chance to be updated. They did and couldn't explain where my 20% had gone, but asked me to reset my device and gave me a free extra 2gb. 2 weeks later they called me back, I had only turned cellular on for one day, using according to them 1gb, and according to the iPad counters 100mb. They agreed the discrepancy was not explicable, and will be calling me back in another week..

    All very strange.
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    I found this interesting thread. I am on the phone with AT&T as I right this. I face a similar problem with this. About 10 days into my 250MB plan, I get an email that I have 19% left. I was not using any app of anything on my iPad that would have used the Cellular Network. On top of that, I was at home, hooked up to the wifi network with solid bars showing. Anyway, I turned off my Cellular data network but within 4 minutes I get another email telling me that my plan had 1% left. So, within about 4 minutes, apparently AT&T shows that I had consumed 45-50 MB of Data. I called them and reported the problem but to no avail. This is a complete rip-off. I don't know how FCC can allow this. Keep your complaints to FCC going with as much information as you can provide. Hopefully, enough people will complain and it can become something that will hurt these companies.
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    So, just to report back, in my case, I demanded to be spoken to a Supervisor and explained how I can get two emails, 4 minutes apart telling me I consumed 50MB worth of data when I had the iPad switched off (and the Cellular Data switched off) as a result of the first email. She basically added a "complementary" 250MB data into my account free of charge. But, this is becoming a big problem and I am going to report to FCC anyway.
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    Any word from the FCC about this? It seems like an issue that neither Apple nor ATT can answer. I am having the same issue with them this morning.
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