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William william Level 1 Level 1
I received pdf file as attachment in Mail.
I copied the pdf file to iBook.

How do you crop the pdf?

I tried iBook, goodreader, easypdf, documents 2 to open the pdf however there is no feature to crop.

  • virtualgeo Level 2 Level 2
    When you say "crop" what do you mean? Do you mean you want to delete some of the pages, or do you want to crop part of a single page?

    In general, you have very limited options on the iPad itself (as opposed to transferring the PDF file to your laptop and then using any one of several applications that can do either or both of the above functions).

    There is, however, one possibility on the iPad, depending on how much of a given page you want to crop. You could use the screen capture feature of the iPad (simultaneously press the Home button and the On/Off button on top) to save the screen as a photo and then use a photo-editing app to crop it as you wish.
  • William william Level 1 Level 1
    I wantd to crop part of the page.

    I tried using the screen capture and photo-editing apps. It can be done that way too.

    Thank youuu.