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My apps icon is not on my home screen, No Apps tab for sync on itunes either, need help

iPod Touch
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    If you want to reset you home screen icons, go to Settings>General>Reset>Reset Home Screen layout.

    You can only have 11 screens so if you have more than that it may have gotten pushed back. Or jailbreaking can cause problems too. But resetting it should bring them back.

    Hope this helps.
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    Tried the reset, it did not resolve, still no icon. The Apps tab on the itunes sync page is also missing, is there a way to restore that tab? I don't remember ever seeing the App Store icon. Is there something special I should have done on the first sync?
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    If the Apps option is missing in iTunes, go to Edit>Preferences>General and check the Apps box to show them. You should see it then.

    Also, make Restrictions are turned off in your iPod's Settings. You can find it by heading to Settings -> General -> Restrictions. That might be why your Apps Store icon is missing.

    Has your iPod been jailbreaked? I don't believe you can delete the Apps Store icon normally. The other thing is you can only show 11 screens - do you have more than that?

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    Thanks, the Apps icon is checked in the preferences and I can download an app but the tabs under the sync show only summary>info>music>photos>etc no app tab, there is not a Restrictions option under general, has not been jail breaked, I only have one page as the device has not been used much. It may be a defective unit. When I sync my iphone all is fine, app tab, download, transfer, etc.
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    So you are not getting either an Apps Store icon on your touch or the Apps tab on your device when syncing in iTunes? But you are seeing Apps under Library in iTunes. Hmmm.

    On your touch -
    What generation is your touch? Can you Search and find the App Store icon?

    In iTunes -
    What version is your software? Do you have another device that you can test with it?

    I hope someone else has some ideas because I'm running out!
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    Thank you spyglass for your time and help, you were correct on the software update, did it and all is well. Thanks again.
    Dummy me did not remember which generation it was, obviously it's a 1st.
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    I'm so glad it worked out! I was running out of things to try.

    Btw, if you ever want to look up your touch and find out which gen it is and tech specs, you can do that here http://www.everymac.com/ultimate-mac-lookup/