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I have tried holding the power and home button reset and charged over night and nothing comes on the screen. It has never been wet and is only 6 months old and always kept in an otter box. When I plug it into my computer itunes does not recognize it and when I plug it into the charger nothing comes on the screen. What should I do?

iphone 3Gs
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    Try opening iTunes, plug the iPhone cable into the computer. Hold down the Home Button on the iPhone while connecting the iPhone cable to the iPhone. If you do not see the "Connect to iTunes" image on the iPhone within 10 seconds, you need to contact Apple.
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    I have the similar problem. My thread is Iphone 3gs does not start - dead.

    I tired all the following and does not work. May be one of them will work for you.

    Its been one year i had it. The phone was running out of battery so i kept it on the wall charger. As usual took the phone and tired to use it - NO response.

    Tried the following :
    Hard reset (pressing the home and power button for 10+ seconds)
    Recovery mode. (connected to computer, press the home button and connected the USB Cable).
    DFU mode (pressed power and home button while connected to the USB Cable)
    Tried starting with an external battery.
    Tried resetting the SIM Card.

    Nothing works. the screen is blank, the computer + iTunes does not recognize it. I hope one of the solutions work for you. Apple gives 12 months warranty. so just take it to Apple store and they may give you a new phone. My phone is 13 months old so i have to buy a new phone.
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    Plug your iPhone into your Wall Charger.
    Hold the Home Button and the Sleep/Wake Button until the Apple Logo pops up. Let it charge until completely full.

    You may consider doing a Restore in iTunes once your iPhone is charged.
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    Luxman, Leefers85 Thank you. I went to lunch and my phone was at full charge. When I returned and tried to use the phone I could not get it to power on.

    Your suggestion to hold both the power and home button brought it back to life. Phew!!!! What a relief. The phone is not quite a year old yet. Kind of scary to have a power issue like that. Does anyone know what the cause could be?