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Hi everybody,
i never managed to create a backup of my MacPro's boot drive and it failed. Fortunately i have almost a copy of it on my MacBook Pro for on the road situations. Can i create a bootable clone of my MacBook Pro drive with SuperDuper and rebuild the MacPro with it ?

MacOSX 10.6.x on both MacBookPro and MacPro.

MacPro 2.6 Quad, Mac OS X (10.6.4), Mac Classic II , PB 180C , ..., iMac G5
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    Never leave home without two backup sets.

    SuperDuper, CCC, TimeMachine... along with Disk Warrior, and now, Data Rescue 3. You have SD but never used it...

    Invest in regular backups; maintenance; some hard drives; even an emergency boot drive (30GB partition).

    It might, or it may just panic on startup.

    How about target disk mode?

    When you say failed, but then you want to rebuild with a clone? first you need another hard drive until you know it was hardware or more often, is just a corrupt file system and directory from not using Disk Warrior regularly.
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    My data files are safe and sound on a Network storage. i am just being lazy for installing all the applications and updates then the Plug-ins and filters and the iTunes purchases... .

    i have almost everything on my MacBook Pro. All i have to do is creating a clone of the boot drive from my MBP and then clone that to a new drive in the MacPro - Is this going to harm the MacPro ? is this legal by Apple standards. i am the original owner of both machines and all the applications and extras.
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    Install the OS on the MacPro and then use Migration Assistent to move applications onto it. Then back it up
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    Genius !
    Thank you very much for the hint. i always forget about that feature of MacOSX. You saved me hours of unnecessary work.

    Thanks again
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    No genius involved, I did this myself not too long ago.