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    LOL, what problem? Apple and all their cult users adamantly state this unnatural acceleration is a "feature."  I guess they and MS are from the same pool.  How can u fix something that is actually supposed to make you use a computer better?  LMAO


    Just use some of the solutions stated in this thread, it worked for me, but I am out of the mac world again thank god... PC only again, on my 27" 2560x1440 IPS screen (mac has better graphics/display, what?).  #heaven

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    There is a pretty simple solution by just adjusting the .GlobalPreferences from Terminal.


    defaults write .GlobalPreferences -1


    Source: s-x

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    Nevermind, not sure if this will work on Snow Leopard

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    I had the same issue. I bought an IOGear bluetooth dongle and used it with a USB extension base


    Works FLAWLESSLY. Even during intense gaming when both the Keyboard and mouse would get so laggy it was impossible to play. It even works better than it did during normal use when I didnt have the display plugged in.

    Amazing results.


    Extension: eative=390957&creativeASIN=B001K9BFB8&linkCode=as2&tag=sharaw-20


    Bluetooth Dongle: eative=390957&creativeASIN=B0018O9JIG&linkCode=as2&tag=sharaw-20


    One thing to check, OSX directions sucked, so do this.


    1. Leave your bluetooth on, with all devices still configured/connected

    2. Option Click the bluetooth icon on your menu bar

    3. Write down the 'Address' listed. This is the address of your internal Bluetooth

    4. Plug in the Extension and then the Dongle.

    5. Wait a couple seconds

    6. Option click the bluetooth icon again

    7. Make sure a different address is shown. If so, you are now transmitting/recieving from the dongle and not the macbook.

    8. I plugged the extension into my Thunderbolt display and now I can just unplug my macbook and go. All peripherals will still work as it autoswitches back to the internal bluetooth once disconnected.


    Hope this helps

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    Finally!!!! Thank you DejanBadnjar!!


    The Mac OSX Mouse acceleration was driving me mad, it's a horrible feeling moving your mouse but not getting the response you expected.



    Smoothmouse has resolved this so far, it feels a little bit off, but not as bad as before or maybe it's because I was using the standard os x acceleration for to long

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    I have the same issues. I'm a long time pc, new mac user. Acceleration curve is not what we're used to on Windows machines. I find that I have to lift the magic mouse up and place it back on the mat again often.


    OS X is great but feels like Apple doesn't want you to fiddle with the advanced configuration settings of anything at all.. Settings offered in control panel for hardware is so simple compared to tons of settings on a pc.


    Apple needs to think more about the 'power user' and less about the dumb...s who are happy with anything Apple puts on sale... And I agree that whatever the language the person uses when asking his question.. either help.. or ignore if you don't care.. he probably has a mom who'd warn him about the language...

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    Good story. Now go back to the beginning & you'll find ~ a half dozen solutions for this issue.  I tried 2 & 1 worked perfectly for gaming, esp CS-S.

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    Chris, using heavy words doesn't have to mean someone is offensive. If his feeling while moving the arrow (whatever input device) is disgusting, than it is disgusting. Mine is too - this is what i subjectively feel when I move the arrow on MacOS. I'm not offending anyone, I state my feeling.


    However, suggesting someone to slow the mouse down up to the point of complete uselessness, to me, is offensive. It implies that the person you're addressing is essentially stupid and don't know what they're talking about (and the guy does) and that they are even more stupid (or with a condition) if they presumably will be satisfied with the slowest tracking speed setting.


    Now I will be completely subjective: answers like yours look (to me) as a need to defend and object or ideology of worship with whatever means: if anyone finds anything wrong about it, prove them wrond and insult them.

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    Maybe someone already posted this, frankly I haven't read all 15 pages.
    Anyway, here's what a small Google search returned (it's Quake related):


    Sadly, setting cl_mouseAccel to "0" doesn't turn off mouse acceleration in QuakeLive on OS X unless you use a third-party mouse driver to disable OS X's mouse acceleration. And setting in_mouse to "2" doesn't work either; OS X's mouse acceleration is still active in QuakeLive. Either in_mouse "2" is not implemented properly and completely in QuakeLive for OS X or it is unable to override the system settings.


    With OS X's system-wide mouse acceleration disabled, then QuakeLive's cl_mouseAccel and in_mouse settings work as they do in Windows.


    Third-Pary Mouse Drivers that allow you to disable OS X's mouse acceleration


    SmoothMouse [Free]

    - SmoothMouse allows you to disable acceleration or set it to match Windows acceleration curve. Also, eliminates the mouse lag that affects OS X.

    - Notch setting "4" = Windows mouse setting "6". Acceleration OFF + notch "4” = 1:1 mouse setting.


    CursorSense [$9.99 USD]

    - From the same developer as SteerMouse. Allows you to adjust or disable acceleration and sensitivity. You can also create multiple presets for different devices and apps.


    SteerMouse [$20 USD]

    - Well designed mouse driver and direct competitor to USB Overdrive. Can be used in conjunction with CursorSense.


    USB Overdrive [$20 USD]

    - Respected Mac device driver that's been around for a long time. I used to use this but I've grown unhappy with the unfixed bugs and long, long times between updates. Still, it's a great third-party mouse driver.


    ControllerMate [$24.95 USD]

    - Gives you insanely detailed control over any input device you might have. I think it's overkill if you just want to disable mouse acceleration but if you love to fine-tune things and create your own custom acceleration curves, then you'll probably like this.


    SmoothCursor [$2.75 USD]

    - Nicely designed app and inexpensive but will not completely disable OS X's mouse acceleration curve so it's not 1:1 linear. From the developer: OS X lets you set a 'tracking speed' (or acceleration) range of 0 up to 3, where 0 translates to 'no acceleration'. SC supports a broader range: -6 up to 6, where 0, again, translates to 'no acceleration'. Negative ranges cause acceleration to work in inverse mode (the more the mouse accelerates, the slower the cursor moves, and viceversa), etc. The acceleration curves used by SC are in fact the ones provided by Apple. And yes, they are far from linear. 


    The page:


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    SmoothMouse works great  ... BUT ... it conflicts with KeyRemap4MacBook, which is a must-have for me

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    SmoothMouse is wonderful! I've had my Macbook pro since mid 2011 and today is the first time I'm really confortable with the mouse movement The only downside for me is that I don't know how to assign functions to the extra buttons on my Logitech Performance MX mouse now, since the SmoothMouse installer instructed me to uninstall the Logitech Control Center.

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    Thank-you for the script, my curser glides smoothly to it's destination regardless of how fast I want it to arrive!


    One question... why isn't this amazing performace enhancement a standard option on a Mac?

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    Do you really want this question answered or was it just rethorical?


    If you are truly interested, then start unrolling and you'll come up with dozens of questions alike. Why isn't there any option to choose a WINDOW (among the minimized ones) and bring it up using keyboard? CMD+TAB is ridiculously useless. There is an app called Witch that does just that. I want the second Firefox window up - I just choose it and it's up. No way you can do it in the standard setting (you can do it with the mouse, of course, but if you want speed, mouse is not the option). Why can't you minimize all windows in one click (like Win+D on Windows)? You just can't. So many other things. I'm not emotional towards any OS, Windows or Linux or any other. I'm just saying Apple is just too stubborn with the "think different" and "make a dent in the universe" ideologies that it keeps ignoring users' needs and requests. No wonder Macs can't make over 10% of the market. They are just not good enough in terms of features. And now that Windows became stable, things are even worse for Apple. We'll see how it copes.

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    Unfortunately I mostly agree I was a power user on windows for almost 2 decades. The better you know a OS before hand and the better you can handle it, the worse is the switch to OSX. Never the less, I made the switch 4 years ago. Simple because the hardware is better and, to be honest, the OS feels more stable. Regardless what I made, Windows did feel akward after several months. It got much better with Windows 7, but far from perfect. So I switched. And ****, it was a struggle with OSX at the beginning. No word for that. I almost gave up. Simple because OSX is ABSOLUTLY not designed for power users. Of course there are power users, but most of them have at least 20+ helpers, progs, apps, tweaks installed to have the same productivity like on Windows. On the other hand, there are PLENTY thing which I now would extremly miss if I had to switch back to Windows.


    To put it short: Both OSs have strenghts and weaknesses regarding productivity and tweakability. And I think, Apple just do not want to add more complexity to their OS, simples because of their target audience. We, the power user, often know that there are work-arounds for the most parts. The crappy mouse accelertion for example. But the main audience just won't bother and will eat everything which comes on the table.

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    Agreed. Nicely put.


    Just out of curiosity, could you name a few things you'd miss if you would switch back to Windows? I'm trying to make a little research and to publish it somewhere (not anything scientific). What would you miss? Just a simple, short list...