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My iMac has recently begun to slow down frequently, where I get the spinning beach ball and can't do a thing for periods at a time. This is intermittent, but it is more and more frequent.

Something I've noticed that has begun to occur around this same time is that occasionally, I'll have a white line going through the middle of the display. If there are windows open (like a browser window), it usually goes through that. If I'm in a browser and I hit refresh, it goes away. However, I can take a screen shot and capture the image.

Does this suggest a motherboard issue or graphics card failure? Or is it something else, perhaps?

Thanks for your suggestions,

iMac Core Duo 20-inch, Mac OS X (10.6.4), 2.0 GHz Core Duo, 2GB RAM, 500 GB HD
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    Sounds like two unrelated issues.

    The slowdown is probably a failing HDD. The line through the display could be a display failure, but it would have to run through the entire screen, and affect everything equally. It also likely wouldn't show up on a screenshot, unless you took a picture of the screen with a camera or something.
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    This afternoon, I ran the Apple Hardware Test that came with the restore disk and it passed. I also booted off the Snow Leopard disk and ran Disk Utility, checking the hard drive. It passed that.

    My wife had a MacBook Pro with a similar problem, though the horizontal lines she was getting were thin black. The one on mine is wife and slightly wider. It extends through the browser (usually the top most app) and across the desktop. Turns out my wife had the logic board replaced and that fixed the issue, which is why I was worrying about that option.