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About 8 months ago I installed iTunes on one of my desktops (Windows) and setup the store access and actually purchased the OS update for my iTouch. Yesterday I purchased an iPad for my wife and started to set it up on her laptop. I've installed iTunes 9.1 and attempted to "Authorize This Computer" for iTunes purchases, I also attempted to do this on my laptop (both are running Win7 x64). Per the iTunes screen an email was sent to my account but I never receive it. Prior to the attempt to authorize the two computers from my wife's laptop I issued a request to reset my password. This email I received and reset the password. I then received a confirmation email that the password was reset.

Why cannot I receive the emails to authorize my two laptops?

IBM TP W700, Windows 7
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    I don't know what e-mail you are talking about.

    You can't just authorize your computer?

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    In the iTunes window click on Store > Authorize This Computer
    In the "Authorize This Computer" I enter my email and password, click on the "Authorize" button.
    A new window pops up title "You have not verified your account", Click OK to review the instructions on how to verify your account.
    I click on the OK button and then the iTunes main window informs me that an email as been sent to my account and it displays my email address.
    I never receive the email and I have zero idea what to do at this point.

    The link you provided is about "Authorizing a computer allows you to manage which computers can play music, videos, audiobooks, or other content purchased from the iTunes Store" - This sounds like what I want to do but I cannot authorize either my computer or my wife's computer. At this point nether of us have or can purchase anything using my iTunes account.

    At this point I'm totally confused and upset and very close to returning the **** iPad. I thought this was going to be a simple process but it is turning into a can of worms.

    What I'm attempting to do is have one iTunes store account where either myself or my wife can purchase.
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    Check your spam folder in your email account.
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    It is not in the spam - I checked plus I did receive the email to change my password and the confirmation it was changed.