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Ekchuah Level 1 Level 1
I want to erase my brand new hard drive, remove it and sell it from my Powerbook G4. I am unable to erase the hard drive, why?

I go to disk utility, pick the drive (232.9 GB WDC2500...) click on 'erase" BUT I can't advance any further then that BECAUSE: the VOLUME FORMATis grayed out and not active., & the SECURITY OPTIONS button is also grayed out and not active.

How do I make these items active so that I can erase my hard drive?

Powerbook G4 15", Mac OS X (10.5.8)
  • eww Level 9 Level 9
    You can't replace the spark plugs in your car's engine while you're driving it, either. To erase your disk, you must start up from another one, such as your latest OS X installer DVD. Then open Disk Utility from the DVD, select the hard drive, and the erase options should be enabled.
  • Ekchuah Level 1 Level 1
    Thanks, I'll have a look for the disk and give that a try.
  • tikiroomstudios Level 1 Level 1
    I am also trying to erase a hard drive in an early core duo macbook so I can donate it, when I restart with the install disc, holding down the "C" key, the computer just spits the disc out and opens up as normal.