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Anyone know if there is any way to delete an update of an app that I don't want to do? For example, I have an update now that lists "support for Australia". That's great but I'm in the US so I really don't need it and don't want the extra space taken. Any way I can forgo an update so it's not in my update list?

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    Just don't update it.
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    I doubt you would even notice the "space" that the update takes on your phone. The next time you do an update, sign into iTunes and see how much of your space is being used..............then do your update....sync your phone and check how much space is unused.....you won't see any change.
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    Hey, did you ever figure out how to "un-update" an app? Sometimes an update makes an app worse. For example, Shazam version 1.8.7 is the last fully unlimited, free version. But a few weeks ago, they made everyone update to version 1.8.8, and it's limited to just 5 tags per month. They are forcing everyone to buy the new unlimited version for $5.00 and it's no different from the previous version. I was lucky not to update it, but I want to remove that app from any future updates and dismiss the update notification on my iPhone's "app store" icon. Please let me know if you were successful. Thanks

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    The answer is still the same. If you don't want to update an app, then jut don't update it.

    It will still show as an available update, because it is still an available update.

    You cannot un-update an app.