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I purchased the iPhone 4 with upgrade cost eligibility, so $199. I sadly got my iPhone wet, so now it is dead, how much will it cost for me to replace it? Would I still be eligible for $199 price or do I have to pay full retail? I have no coverage plans whatsoever. I hope to God I do not have to pay full retail! Please help, thanks!

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    Since water damage is not covered under warranty, you will just have to pay $199 for the replacement.
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    Apple offers an out of warranty and not covered under the warranty "repair" price which pays for an exchange at a discounted price off the full retail or non subsidized price. The cost is $199 plus applicable sales tax.
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    You are in luck......Once the Genius at an Apple store determines your phone is water damaged, they will let you buy another one at the discounted rate of $199. Remember that your rate was subsidized heavily by AT&T, so not only did you not have to pay the full cost for your first one, but you won't have to for your second one. Good luck......
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    awesome, thanks for the prompt help!
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    Please advice where & how to pay as I'm located in Saudi Arabia & local provider is of no help..Regards

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    Did you buy this phone from the local provider? If you have no direct service from Apple and all service is through the provider they may not have an out-of-warranty replacement program.

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    Well its a unlocked iphone4 32gb purchased from Saudi Telecom (the National Telecom Service of Saudi Arabia) STC ..I went to Apple store they said in Gulf countries they dont have this replacement policy available till date but I can send it to US and get it replaced..but I am afraid if US refuses to replace it saying its bought in Saudi Arabia.kindly advice .........Regards

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    The USA will not replace your iPhone... iPhone warranties are country specific.  You'll have to deal with the policies of the store you purchased it from.