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    I don't know what people are talking about with these protective bands. Bumpers maybe?

    Anyway my phone was naked and bumper free and still had the problem. It worked out of the box and only later the problem developed.

    Maybe there are two problems that we are talking about here.
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    *+"I have found out the problem ! The reason why microphone works on Voice Memos but not Video camera is the very small hole near the 3.5mm headphone hole. Try not to cover that very small hole with any layer , If the Voice memos works well , so does the Video Camera"+*

    After reading this post I feel like an idiot, I had an invisible shield installed on the phone's bezel...and yes it covers that small microphone hole near the headphone...I removed I have no problems with audio with video recording in the Cam app or speakerphone...thanks for the wakeup call!


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    Might be you got a diff problem than. Mine was cause of that pellucid shield that the phone comes from the factory on the sides.

    Sorry to hear your problems more severe.
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    I just noticed the same thing on my wife's iPhone 4. It must have started a few weeks ago. We have video with sound and then the next week she took some video and there is this major hiss on the video and you can just barely hear the sound as if it were a few miles away.

    I guess I'll need to back her phone up. Restore it. Test it again. Then take it to the store to watch them do the same thing before they give her a newly refurbished unit.

    Has anyone who has the real problem actually found a way to solve it?
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    Wow...I think you solved this for me. I just got my iP4 this past Monday but just tried the video camera today and had the exact problem as the OP. I was reading through this thread and inwaardly dreading the tho't of spending Sunday morning waiting for a Genius. However, after seeing Mihawk1990's reply, I took another look at the fullbody skin I have covering the phone and noticed that right next to the earphone hole there's also a smaller hole that was being covered. The skin actually does have a 'punch out' for that hole that I just didn't notice when applying it last night. I tested it--in a hurry since I'm not at home & didn't want ppl looking at me like I'm crazy :)--and the sound volume is noticeably better.

    I'll have to test it once more to be sure tonight but I think you solved the issue for me! Thanks!
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    This is an update to all Iphone 4 owners with issues using the Iphone's built-in video camera with no sound (Problem still persist even after Restoring)
    "Video is good but no sound or just a Hizzzzz sound or your audio is barely heard on the video..
    This is not a hardware or software problem
    -Resetting/Restoring to manufacturer's default,updating nor jailbreak are not
    the solutions.
    -The rubber case/bumper is not also the problem

    *I got solution to the issue..*.
    Dust/Dirt will blocked the hole that decreases the mic sensitivity so...

    -You will need a small needle,the sharper the better
    -Beside the iphone earphone jack there is tiny small hole (its a mic)
    clean/remove any dirt from the hole with the needle,be sure not to over
    puncture,just remove the outer dust/dirt that blocks the hole

    and try to use the video and see what happens..hope this will help

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    I am just wondering if anyone has any new information on this topic. I have an iPhone 4 that is just 10 days old. I just discovered that it does not record audio with the built in camera app in video mode. Voice memo is fine, speakerphone is fine, no wrappers or dirt blocking the little hole, just no audio on videos. I downloaded Qik video, and that records perfectly.

    I am reluctant to return the phone since I am no where near a retail store, and this seems to be a software issue. A couple of questions, I assume most people running iOS 4.2.1 do have audio recording, correct?

    And, has anyone solved this with a restore to new phone?

    Has anyone found any other fix?

    Might a new handset actually fix this problem?

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    Ok, I had the exact same problem as described here - video worked fine before, then suddenly only hissing noise. Voice recording and calls was no problem. It may be completely random, but it suddenly solved itself when I first did a recording covering the little hole by the earphone-hole completely with my finger, and then did a recording covering the mic-hole at the bottom of the phone. After that, the sound levels on my following recordings were all good.

    Just wanted to share "my solution" with you guys until Apple makes a fix for the problem, even though it maybe be a completely random lucky solution for me..perhaps I did reset some noise-cancellation-thing by covering the holes?
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    Same problem here, solved using a pin to clean upper iPhone4 microphone. Gently insert tip of the pin in upper hole (near to headphone connector), without pushing, and remove the dust in there.

    Working 100% now. Apple rulez.
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    Bravo! Thank you! The dirt wasn't visible until I stuck a needle in the mic and I couldn't believe the gunk that came out, which I am sure was courtesy of my 2 year old's grubby little paws. Ha ha Thanks a million! Now I can get back to filming my little guy' antics!!!
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    This forum was very helpful. I received my Verizon iPhone 4 last week and just began experimenting with video. The audio associated with the video tracks was pure static. Using the headset mic results in good audio. Also confirmed the speakerphone won't pick up my voice. Another symptom not mentioned in this forum is poor voice quality on normal phone calls when there is a lot of background noise.

    I solved the problem by blowing a puff of dry air into the external mic hole which is found next to the headphone jack. Of course, the air entered both holes so I can't be sure which hole had the problem. But in any case the puff of air must have cleared some small debris that was interfering with the microphone.
    I expect this problem to return from time to time since I carry the phone in my pocket, a high-lint-zone, and do not have it enclosed in a case.
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    Fixed my problem as well- I still don't think it's very sensitive. I will probably turn up the volume in an editing program like iMovie but now it's at least acceptable.
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    This is a problem with the actual iphone. I took mine to the Apple store and the Genius bar took 1 look and said you need a new iphone. Straight away they gave me a brand new iphone 4 and activated it.

    If you are having this problem, i suguest going to the apple store... you may just get a new phone!
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    I can confirm that I had the exact same issue, and that gently poking a pin into the microphone solved it.

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    We had same problem. And just blowed into microphone and solved. Probably becouse of yhe dust.

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