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    The tiny hole that's clued to the plug that u plug your ear piece in just suck air out of their and it'll work fine that's what I just did just suck the dirt outta the hole☺ 

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    Go to Settings.  Is your Bluetooth on and connected to a device?  Mine was connected to my jawbone jambox at the time I tried to record video.  Video captured, but no audio.  I turned off the Bluetooth and bam! Video with sound :-)


  • ilonaschnabelova Level 1 (0 points)

    it helped !!! thank you so much !

    i found the little thing close to that hole for headphones and cleaned it up !! now i can hear my videos i woulndt belive that this was my problem

  • ilonaschnabelova Level 1 (0 points)

    I have found out the problem ! The reason why microphone works on Voice Memos but not Video camera is the very small hole near the 3.5mm headphone hole. Try not to cover that very small hole with any layer , If the Voice memos works well , so does the Video Camera .. it worked for me !!!!

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    So happy for all of you who just cleaned the hole or figured out that you were covering it up.  HOWEVER, that is not the case for all of us.  There is an issue with these mics on the iPhone 4 - they break.  Mine is one of them.

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    Scripty I am in your camp!!


    I have  tried all the obvious things and NO I haven't done anything as ridiculous as not removing a plastic film...or covering the hole with a third party cover and No it s not full of lint!

    I did google via you tube and one helpful  poster said there are in fact two mics within the phone for different things ... Perhaps the reason why voice record works fine but video and face time does not is only one of the two is Broken?

    I am taking it in to Apple shortly I will post the genius opinion when I do.

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    @fullmag thanks a million worked perfect after taking out my headset

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    Make sure airplay isn't set to appletv...I just figured that out on mine...

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    I know that most on this thread seems to be dealing with the iphone 4, but I have an ipod touch 5 that has the same problem.  I record video and either get a hissing noise with voices that can barely be heard, or the sound is very low.  I have compared mine with another ipod 5 and the sound quality was much louder and clear on the other.  I have restored, restarted and, and at the suggestion of an apple tech, sent it back because he said I probably had a bad microphone.  They sent it back and said they couldn't reproduce the problem.  I have tried different apps, blowing the microphone out, etc with no results.  I am sure this is the same problem that others here are having.  Would be nice if the fine folks at crapple would deal with this.

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    Thanks bro..... I thought my IPHONE got hardware problem... lol

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    OK...Try this, it just worked for me...

    1. Get some headphones and plug em in

    2. Play sum tunes on ur phone and ensure you can hear them thru the phones

    3. adjust volume and when you see the volume bar, set it to the very middle (just for clarity)

    4. Unplug de phones

    5. You should see the volume bar jump to the left - adjust it and hey presto!


    I figure I managed to mute it by accident, but for some reason the volume bar for the internal speakers and expternal speakers are two different things.


    Hope that helps out there. If it does please check out my new web site, I would appreciate the feedback on how it looks.

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    I recently had the same problem.  Video recorded fine but audio was very low and muffled.  I tried all solutions suggested in this thread and the one that worked for me was plugging in headphones, turning volume to halfway, then removing the headphones. Once I did this, audio during video recording returned to a normal level

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    I have an anwser to the puzzle "why get sound recorded by Voice memo but with video it is not !!!"
    the solution for problem was the dirt blocking the upper mic which delicated to video but for voice memo and phone talk its build -in apps use the lower mic (which some user consider is as the second speaker, but it is not. it is mic in the right lower corner and speaker in the left corner. and the appearance is symatric for get nice look


    enjoy and don't let dirt go in side your Iphone

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    Thanks so much. Works a dream. Simple solution, but I'd never have got there..... saves a call to Apple tomorrow.

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    I had the same issue with an iPhone 4S, as it turns out it was the 2nd mic at the top that was covered with dirt.