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Has anyone actually done a backup and restore of a Win partition using Paragon Drive Backup Pro 10 under Boot Camp? Paragon specifically refers to Boot Camp support.

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    Yes I have for Windows 7 on both Mac pro and MacBook pro , but it is not all plain sailing.

    I have to put the Windows Install disk in after the restore and do a repair install. It repairs the boot process. Paragon support say this can be avoided by some options with Paragon, but I haven't managed to do this successfully.

    The other big tip is to do everything while booted from the Paragon boot CD, including creating the image (even though in theory you can crate the image running Paragon within windows).

    I have also had conflicts with MacDrive.

    I have seen Hatter recommend Casper 6 over Paragon. Don't bother with Acronis. Would be interested to hear more about Casper 6 compared to Paragon.

    The two cast iron methods for me have been CopyCatX and Drive Genius in Device Duplicate mode.

    The disadvantage of both these is that they will only make a copy of the whole physical hard drive. So if your Bootcamp is a partition you will have to copy the whole drive including the Mac partitions onto another HD the same size (or you can make an image but not done that personally). You can't copy and restore just the Bootcamp partition. Also no scope for resizing...it just makes a block level copy of the whole drive.

    With the Paragon restores it is possible to resize.

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