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I lost my iPad and bought another and when I sync it erased all my apps and movies from my iPad

iPad, Mac OS X (10.6.2)
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    I am confused by your statement. You said you lost your iPad and bought another. They you said when you synced it erased all you apps and movies from your iPad. If you lost your iPad all the info is gone too. Did the new Ipad have apps and movies on it that were obtained on a different syncing computer?

    If you had a backup of your original iPad and bought a new one when you connected your new iPad to the computer used to sync the original iPad iTunes should have given you the option to restore to the new iPad the backup of the original iPad.

    If an iPad is synced to one computer and you they sync it to another computer you will get a message that says if you continue the contents of the iPad will be erased and replaced with those of the new syncing computer.
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    hey Illaass,  im just curious whats going to be your next statement after your last statement above, hopefully a solution because  i also am getting those pop up when i tried to sync my ipad and infact lost all the movies iv downloaded from another laptop. can u help?

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    You are responding to a post that is close to two years old. Go back to your original post and read my response and then go from there.

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    One computer, one I tunes account can support as many pads, pods and phones as you have.   One computer, one I tunes account.    Sounds like you are using two different computers, they will always try to replace what it finds with what is on that computer.

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    The iPad is meant to be sync'd with one computer/one Apple ID at a time. Y ou can't sync it to multiple comptuers or multiple Apple ID's or you'll get the 'apps and content will be deleted' warning.


    For example, I have a netbook and a laptop and a desktop handy, but I can only sync my iPad to one of them. If I try to sync it to either of the others, it will delete content.

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    so what do you suggest, since the damage has been done. i mean i have my laptop but my ipad was first sync to the laptop of my friend for me to get those fav movies of mine and i am not sure who's apple id he is using (mine or his) the movies was nowhere to be found in my laptop after syncing but i need not to worry about that. what i am worried now is that after i update my OS and foldered all my apps there are apps that wont open or work anymore but there are some that still works.  what shall i do now? im not a mac user by the way... just acer..

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    "One computer, one I tunes account can support as many pads, pods and phones as you have."

    As long as it is less than 10.

    10 devices (max of 5 computers) can be linked to one iTunes account.

    One computer can be authorized for up to 6 iTunes accounts.