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this is the first time i have ever registered on a forum or posted a message but i feel so frustrated by the problem that it has forced me to do so.
Basically, i was really happy with my iPhone 4 up until about a week ago and am now riddled with issues. First off, i have never had a 3G signal (this was not an issue with my iPhone 3G so no comments about area, and yes, the function is turned on in settings). Apparently it has something to do with VPN settings getting corrupt when restoring from backup to a new phone. Ok, so i'll reset my phone and delete the corrupt settings. Issue resolved but still a pain.

Secondly and most importantly, my lovely new iPhone 4 has suddenly started dropping sound from the earpiece, and the person on the other end can't hear me also. I have done extensive research into solving the issue and apparently it is a common problem. (to those out there thinking they had this problem but realising they hadn't removed the protective film - REALLY!!!!)
So, i have tried resetting the phone, restarting the phone, restoring the phone (if there was any more re....'s that i could do, i would) and sometimes it works but the problem always comes back. One other thing that sometimes works is inserting and removing your headphones into the socket a few times - like i really want to be doing that all day to make a call.
It seems that the phone is getting confused as to what mode it is when making a call and lots of people are having the same problem.
The only real fix - get a new phone.
Final problem, it means me visiting an Apple Store to resolve the issue. I don't live anywhere near an Apple Store, brilliant.

I think i've made myself quite clear.