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hi there
my husband has one of the old original Iphones that was purchased in the US back in 2007, it was brought into australia before they were available here and it was patched somehow so that he could use it here. he no longer uses it as we both have the newer models, his is the 16gb and mine is the 32gb, i will be in te US again in 2 weeks and i believe i will be unable to use my current iphone purchased in Aust, but i wonder if i might be able to use the original Iphone that was originally purchased there and just by a prepaid AT&T sim card if these are available? just trying to figure out how to tell if it's unlocked though?
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    Since all of the Australian carriers offer official unlocking, why don't you just get your current iphone unlocked? The original iphone you have was hacked to unlock it so it could be used where you live. Since it was originally locked to AT&T, it should work fine in the US. However, any attempt to update software or restore your original iphone will re-lock it to AT&T.

    The real problem you'll run into in trying to use your iphone in the US is that AT&T has disabled data on all of its pre-paid sims for the iphone. That means you'll get voice, but no data. The only other GSM provider in the US is T-Mobile, but their 3G network is not compatible with the iphone. While you'll get both voice & data with T-Mobile, data will only be available on their Edge network, & their coverage is significantly less than AT&T's.
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    i'm told it's costs $120 to unlock an iphone here by telstra who is my carrier, so we thought using the original iphone would be the way to go as i really just want to have something i can use for phone calls, alternatively i was just going to bring over an old nokia phone to use.
    i'm considering getting a ipad 64gb + 3g to use for data over there, thinking it might be cheaper to buy there and us tax refund scheme to claim the tax back. although if i bought it here we could load it with all our apps before i go, i believe i can by a 1mth perpaid data pack over there to use in it, do you know if that's all i would need to do?
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    If you buy an ipad here or where you live you can sign up for AT&T's data plan right on the ipad on a month to month basis. If you decide to purchase an ipad here, you shouldn't have much of a problem finding one as supply is starting to match demand here. Using an ipad for data and an old unlocked phone or your original iphone for voice should work quite well.

    Enjoy your trip.