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Can anyone please suggest to me an app to monitor 3G data usage. I could’t found any on the App store.

I’m currently using my ipad out and about on few odd days a month, so I’m trying to decide if I should get a 1gb monthly data package for £7.50 or £0.05 per mb pay as you use plan.

Many thanks

P.S. There is no option to view my 3G usage in settings on my ipad.

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    I don't have an iPad 3G, but on my iPhone there is a display of mobile data usage unter "Settings > General > Usage" (second from top). If there is no such display on the iPad I think the only possibility is a provider app. In Germany e.g. I can use an App called "Used Budget", that logs into my account with the provider and displays information such as used minutes / texts and used data.

    Is there no app available for your provider? Regards, Dave
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    There should be two options to do this:

    1. Go to: Settings -> General -> Usage -> Cellular Data Network which is where the iPad counters are kept for Sent and Received bytes.

    2. You can also go to: Settings -> Cellular Data -> View Account which is where your carrier’s usage counts are kept. In the US this means AT&T however in other countries of course other carriers are in play.

    Be forewarned however that the carrier may choose to “count differently”. For example in the US AT&T rounds up “sessions” to the next full kilobyte increment. (AT&T does not define what a “session” means.) This leads to a discrepancy in the two counters with AT&T reporting a higher usage (for billing purposes) than the iPad. See also the discussion in the thread http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2551486&tstart=0

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    Thanks Dave and Ray

    The Usage setting is there in my iPad, I just did't found it. It's a bit basic, I would like to be able to view daily usage as a chart over a month. The view account option Ray talks about is not present on my iPad, it might just be that Vodafone does not support that option.

    I'm currently on UK Vodafone network, and their Apple account app only work on iPhone not on iPad.

    My iPad tells me I received 6.9 gb of data over 3G since I got the iPad over 2 months ago. This seems very high as I never watch video over 3G and don't have email setup on the iPad.

    Does anyone know if this also include wifi traffic?

    I might have to keep my current 3gb per month data plan.

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    An other tip:
    Go for the 1GB package, because when you calculate the 0.05 per MB you will end up with 150MB for £7.50…
    150MB that is 5MB per day, that is not really a lot. The 1GB package gives you 33MB per day…

    enjoy your magic machine
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    In my experience the data used reported by my iPad matches the one from AT&T very close. Down to 2 mb. It might depend on the kind of data you are using though as others have reported a mismatch. And then i have no doubt that different providers use different methods as well. I trust the iPad more than the provider.
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    Use "Settings > General > Usage" as posted.
    Many thanks Dave and Ray.
    Going for 1gb/month plan.
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    Come Nov, you can use DataMan to monitor your data usage in real time on the iPad. At this time, DataMan supports iPhone. You can use DataMan to manage your iPhone data usage and stop overage charges. You can find DataMan in the App Store.
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    I would rather use this app Download Meter 4 the best traffic tracking.
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    DataMan requires iOS 4.x and the developer says t will be available for the iPad in Nov 2010. My guess is that the date corresponds to the release of iOS 4.2 for the iPad.