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Okay, I've been working with an "Euphonix MC Control" for the day.

The jog wheel doesn't seem to want to work in Logic Pro.
The transport controls DO work in Logic Pro, though the FF and REW are very small..
The sliders appear not be usable for software instruments / plug-ins - I cannot find a way for instance of assigning the sliders for the sculpture pickups

When attempting to use the sliders for automation, outside of volume, I cannot find a way for using the sliders to adjust automation (eg Sculpture - Vibrato Curve).

I am using a MacPro with OS X 10.6.4. The local firewall is off. The Euphonix software is EuCon 2.5.5 Build 69262. I also installed the firmware update onto the console - MC 1.1.11 (the firmware update made no difference).

If these things cannot be done by the Euphonix MC Control, this one will be going straight back to the shop.
Am I being stupid?

Mac Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    I had the same misconception. The Faders and Knobs on the MC Control are NOT MIDI controls, they are controls working with the "Control Surface" interface.
    I do a lot of real time MIDI volume automation when recording MIDI instruments. This does not work with the MC Control, it only records Track Automation, not MIDI-based Region Automation

    Nevertheless, I would advice you to spend a little more time with the device before you send it back. Besides that MIDI conrtol limitation, it is a really powerful machine. The level of customization for the touch and hardware button is outstanding. I have a lot of Key commands (or series of key commands) programmed in QuicKeys ( a macro app) that I can assign to any of the MC Control keys.
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    Edgar, thanks for your response. I really =really= want to get this bit of kit working for me also.
    I am aware that the MC Control isn't a midi device - it uses Eucon which runs over ethernet - which is all fine. I'm pretty good at low level comms. The problem is more to do with hardware allocation.

    If you can help me with just three examples, I definitely will consider keeping it.
    (1) (non eucon app) Assign a fader to the system volume control (or for that matter, iTunes volume control)
    (2) (non eucon app) Assign the transport keys to Quicktime Player.
    (3) (eucon app) Assign faders to any automation other than volume.

    I have been struggling to understand how to do either of these. Of course, the apps mentioned are arbitrary - but they are non-eucon applications; however, all the Euphonix marketing says that the MC Control can be used with any software, and I just cannot see how.

    I have managed to work out most of where I was going wrong with LogicPro.
    Thanks - a lot - for your thoughts.
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    About the assignment:

    I could swear the Controller Assignment window had all the settings for the MC Control Surface. But now it is empty. I never edited those settings and I don't know at what point there were gone. Strangely enough the MC Control works fine in Logic.

    About assigning the transport controls to use in other apps. I never tried that but it seems that only the Surface buttons and Touchscreen buttons are assignable to other apps and nothing else.

    Looks like you have to contact their tech support. I had good experience in the past. Always had a guy on the phone, even after hours, they kind of outsourced it to some company. Once when the guy couldn't help me, he escalated the issue to the next level and I got a call back from a real Euphonix tech guy (not just some kid on the phone) who knew all the details and what was in the pipeline. WIth the unfortunate Avid acquisition however, that procedure could have changed.
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    I returned it to the shop. Just didn't do what I wanted from it.
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    Jog wheel works well, however…. just press the "JOG" button..