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Hello all,

My family and I recently all purchased iPhone 4s and my parents are experiencing problems with their computer. My parents use Windows XP where as I have been using Mac OS X since 10.4. The problem that was experienced is that after my father synced his phone the computer started to run slow. We waited and restarted the computer, because it was impossible to do anything, before syncing my mother's phone. After starting to sync my mother's phone, the computer froze and was non responsive from all forms of input. Once it managed to restart it would freeze in the boot sequence. Without my knowledge, my father decided to try and fix the problem himself and now the only thing the computer will do is display a black screen with the message "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER". After inserting the disk, it will go to the Windows XP Professional Setup page and try to guide us through the setup or repair of the OS. My father named the drive h: instead of c: so it will not respond to any of the commands that I know how to use to try and recover the OS and now the system states that the there are unknown disk <there is no disk in this drive>.

With the background being out of the way; what needs to be done to recover their previous install of Windows XP? If I go through and install, will it erase all of their data? Please help!

I will also try to find another appropriate section to post this under, but this was the first I could think of seeing as how the problem started when we synced their iPhone 4s

Thanks for any answers!

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    Maybe someone here can help you, but remember, this is an Apple forum and you don't really have an issue with your parents iPhone, you have an old operating system that is basically no longer supported by Microsoft any longer. You should really be calling Microsoft to see if they can help you.......
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    This Windows OS issue doesn't really seem like its related to the iPhone or iTunes. You can find some general tips here, but you may want to check the Microsoft support site or contact the PC manufacturer.

    Try restarting the PC after removing any CDs or floppy disks from it.
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    Thank you for the assistance. I will try those suggestions. I just wasn't sure if anyone else had experienced similar issues or not so I thought I would ask.