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I do not know if it is something that I have just discovered or whether it has always been there but currently I seem to be having mail come through my normal iPhone Mail icon and also to my Google App. I do not need two mail accounts which are entirely duplicated. I only need one account so can anybody tell me how I can get rid of one of these. I want to retain Mail and do not want to be managing two accounts which is a waste of time. Help please!

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    You have one Gmail account which you have chosen to create and access with the iPhone's Mail app and also with the Google app.

    It you want to access the account with the Mail app only, don't access the account with the Google app. You should be able to do this by signing out of the Google app for your Gmail account with the email account access with the app.
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    hi Allan,

    Thank you for your helpful response, I can understand your comment about not access the account with the Google app but not the bit about 'You should be able to do this by signing out of the Google app for your Gmail account with the email account access with the app.' apologies but the section in quotes still leaves me a little puzzled. How precisely would I do it?

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    Launch the Google app and tap a settings option (if available) or from the home screen go to Settings > Google and sign out of the email account there. Do you use the Google app for anything other than email? If not, you can also just delete the app.
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    Do you have both IMAP and POP enabled to access your gmail account? Is it possible that you are accessing both accounts with different configurations?
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    Hi neuroanatomist

    thanks for your reply, however once again I cannot quite understand what I should do. I have gone into home screen and settings but couldn't find Google specifically except under mail calender etc. but there didn't seem anything other than a red “delete account” which I am loathe to touch without knowing what the consequences are! Similarly, when I going to Google apps, all I can say is my e-mail address and once again there didn't seem to be anything obvious to the layman to indicate how you would sign out.

    I do use the Google app, specifically for searches and I may now use the calendar, but I don't need the Google mail element as that is duplicating. I think what exacerbated the problem was that I had push on for mail and this was indicating in both Mail and Gmail, I think I've now managed to switch that off. I think maybe the best suggestion is just to ignore Gmail. It
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    Hi mabaeyens,

    Wow, the answers seem to be giving me more problems than the original question. Everyone who has replied is trying to be helpful, but I'm afraid that you are all on a technical level far higher than mine. I really do not have a clue whether I am accessing both accounts with different configurations. All I know is that at the moment I am receiving mail into my Mail app and also my Gmail account. It may be that I have to accept that in using Gmail within the mail app I also have to have it in the Google app. I was just questioning whether I could switch off the one in the Google app without compromising my main mail account.
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    I see that you can edit the Applications screen and delete Gmail. Besides, should you have your account configured in the app, you can switch off notifications, so you only have to take care of your Mail app. Is that suitable for you?
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    Miguel Angel Baeyens de Arce

    I have switched off Notifications, so hopefully that will resolve my problem. Thank you for your help.

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    Very helpful and patient support.