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How do I use Aperture to "stitch" three pics together to create a panoramic pic?

macbook pro, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
  • gocuk2@yahoo. Level 2 Level 2 (485 points)
    Aperture can't do that. Not a good start, but anyway, welcome to Aperture. Allan
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    As said in the previous comment you can not use aperture to stitch images together.

    You can however make stacks, I use the Stacks feature to organise my panoramas, simply stack all the images that are part of a panorama together, perform any image adjustments that I want to do to all images, or something to make sure the exposures match better, then export them to the stitch program, and then reimport the stitched image and add it to the stack.

    It can be useful to make sure that the stitched image had the same EXIF as one of the original images, or at least the date, You can use Apertures modify master date and time to set it to the same time as the original if the stitching software didnt already do that.
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    There is a program named "DoubleTake". I use that and it does a really good job. Only $25 to remove the watermark on the panoramic.
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    Hugin is slightly complicated but powerful, free, and can make amazing panoramas:
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    Hello guys,
    Aperture can not to create panorama, OK, but do you know if exists some plugin/addon for aperture which can do it? I love Aperture and I am trying tu use only Aperture without any other apps.
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    I do exactly what forum member 153957 describes above. I use and recommend Hugin.

    To add to 153957's description --
    . I label all panorama or HDR sets with a yellow label, in addition to staking them. This keeps me from accidentally adjusting, moving, or deleting them.
    . After import, I make the stitched photo the Stack Pick.

    While it will help keep things simple to use Aperture as much as possible, there is no reason to avoid using other, better, tools as needed. And you should realize that plug-ins are external programs which simply automate the creation of a file to be exported, its export, and the importation of the edited file.

    I don't know of a stitching plug-in. Nik has a new HDR plug-in which has garnered positive reviews.
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    Double post

    Hi there! Sorry English isn't my first language, so I can make mistakes (:
    I have a problem with panoramas in slideshow. I mean if I have a panorama like 1000x7000 px then Aperture makes terrible quality for this pic in slideshow.
    May be I'm doing something wrong?