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I have recently made my first purchase from the apple online store, I have to say though that I am quite disappointed. I ordered a stock config iMac 27" i5 model, but made the mistake of adding the remote and battery charger as well.

This seemed to bump the shipping out from within 1 day to 3 days. I ordered this on Saturday but now i'm on day 4 and it still says 'Not yet shipped'.

My question is - does this status ever stay at not yet shipped when it has in fact been sent or am I likely in for a wait?

It astonished me when I called Apple I was told that if I had JUST ordered the iMac, it would have been sent from a regional warehouse. Because I 'modified the configuration' by adding the remote and battery charger, it has gone to their factory in China and has to be wait to be made. They can't apparently just take a stock iMac, remote and charger and send regionally.

To me this just seems like a colossal waste of time and energy, having all these individual shipments come from china when they could be sent locally.

Suffice to say though that was all the info I got from Apple over the phone. They could not tell me if this was being shipped on time or anything.

I'm sorry if this seems like a rant, it is just disappointing that I am in a hurry for a machine and from past experience if I had ordered an HP or a Dell I would have received it by now.

What has delivery times been for anyone else here who has ordered an iMac recently?

iMac Core i5 ATI 5750 (Mid 2010)
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    Cancel your order by phone, and once your card is clear, order again without the addons.

    Build to order always takes longer. It does not matter who you buy from.
    You may be able to go to a local store and pick it up faster


    And stop blaming Apple for your impatience and lack of dilligent research. All this could have been solved faster if you had asked first.

    Good luck.
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    Build to order of course takes longer. What I question is why adding a simple accessory makes it build to order? Most other manufacturers don't operate in such a stupid manner.
    Anyway, there were reasons I was in more of a hurry to get a machine than I would have been otherwise. It would have suited if they had shipped when they said it would so I would receive it before next tuesday but as it stands not even apple can tell me whats happening.However, in any case order is now cancelled, Dell will be getting my money. Can a mod please close, thanks.

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    ...with some BTO configurations, the add-ons are packed inside along with the system proper at the point of manufacture. This eliminates the need for someone to re-open it along the shipping route to "include" the options, or skip an option because not all are available "at that point in time."

    It may seem senseless, but it then is touched by fewer hands once its put together "to your specs".

    Built, options added in the box, shipped. Bing bang boom.
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    Moderators don't close a thread, only the thread originator (you) can do that.

    Enjoy your new Windoze machine.

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    Dell will not run Mac OS X, and is much more prone to viruses and spyware.
    Think about the environment when you build to order. If you package everything together, you save on shipping lorries as well as packaging necessary to get the machine to you.
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    Dell will not run Mac OS X, and is much more prone to viruses and spyware.
    Think about the environment when you build to order. If you package everything together, you save on shipping lorries as well as packaging necessary to get the machine to you.

    Silly me I just assumed the OP would know that, maybe not?
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    Sorry yes I do realise OS X won't run on a Dell - the OS is neither here nor there for me I was purchasing for the hardware.

    Anyway, after a productive call with Apple today, I managed to work around this. Apparently, if I order an iMac, then at the screen where it asks you what accessories you would like before adding to the cart, if you choose any of them then that is ridiculously 'changing the config'. This then goes to the factory in China, and is built and shipped (although they still could not tell me when my original order would ship and was way past the 3 days).

    I cancelled that order, and was told to go back to the store and add the imac to the basket. If I then go back to the store, and add the SAME 2 accessories (charger and remote) as separate items, then this order then goes to my regional warehouse where it will be picked from the shelf, and be shipped today for delivery tomorrow.

    I still maintain that this method of shipping is ridiculous and creating far more plane journeys and complications than is necessary, Apple should have a method of identifying stock configs and sending them to the appropriate place for shipment especially as they are constantly trying to prove their 'green credentials' these days :\

    Anyway, I should have it in hand by tomorrow and good to go

    Thanks for your replies, everyone.
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    Well i'd just like to say I am now posting this from my new 27" i5 iMac, which arrived today after those odd ordering issues.

    This is without a doubt the most beautiful machine I have ever used! An absolute pleasure to use.
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    +the OS is neither here nor there for me I was purchasing for the hardware.+

    If I may add my two cents worth: the OS is precisely the reason why I am a Mac. The hardware is a bonus, but the operating system really is what matters most to me.
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    I completely understand. I do believe OS X is superior to Windows in many ways, you definitely get more out of your hardware running OS X.

    At this point in time I was looking at the hardware perspective, to get a premium machine where the investment in hardware would last me a good 4 years, and the 27" imac was a good contender, which I eventually went for. There were several Dell and HP machines I was considering but in the end the hardware quality of the iMac won it for me.

    Just as a footnote, this is not my first mac. I originally owned a 20" iMac from 2008, then a MacBook Pro 13", which I then sold in favour of this

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    Enjoy exploring your new toy!
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    Simon L:

    Purchase the extended warranty. It is worth the extra cost-I think.
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    Glad you enjoy your new machine! I'm really liking my new iMac after a month's ownership.
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    I ordered a BTO iMac i7 with SSD+2TB, 8GB RAM, wireless keyboard/mouse, trackpad, remote, battery charger, mobileme, Bento preinstalled and printer (with $100 rebate) and apple care.

    Ordered on 8/26 with build 2-4 business days; Paid $50 for 2-3 day shipping.
    Received printer and mobile me on 8/30, battery charger on 8/31 and iMac is in FedEx scheduled delivery on 9/1. (I'm in the US in case you can't tell...)

    This exceeds my expectations...

    Hopefully it doesn't arrive with broken screen or some other hardware issue, but we're off to a good start!