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my new ipod touch (which was bought specificially for my car stereo as my ipod shuffle 1G died recently) wont play in my car stereo AUX outlet. I connect the proper cable from the touch to the outlet in the stereo and it wont read it, nothing happens on my touch screen... the cable used is the same one that was successdfully used for my shuffle and a friends ipod nano 2G..??

Does anyoen know why this is but more importantly how i can fix it quick smart!!!

Dell, Windows XP
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    iPod Touch is a completely different animal than a Nano or Shuffle. Does the manufacturer of your stereo state that it specifically supports iPod Touch?

    If not, there's nothing you can do except connect to the Touch's headphone jack (assuming your stereo also has an RCA or 3.5mm input).

    Even if the manufacturer claims the stereo does support iPod Touch, changing your OS to 4.x on your Touch may make it incompatible, and there's nothing you can do about that either.