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Okay I drained out my iphone 4 on the first charge, and I plugged it at 4:15 pm, and now it's 6:20 PM and as i write this the iphone 4 is charged up to 68% and still charging. I'm charging it through my laptop, which is also on A/C adapter as well. and my iphone is charging via USB (no hub), just the usb in the laptop, and it's been past 2 hours, I know that it shouldn't take this long to fully charge it. I'm at the college library and reading a book as I wait for my phone to fully charge as i didn't bring my the power adaptor for my iphone. I'm using the cable that was included with the iphone 4. I'm actually fine with it but the fact that I might have to miss my dinner as I don't want to leave my stuff behind while I go eat.

Anyways, is this normal as you charge via USB? I didn't think it would be this slow to fully charge up my phone.

ah well I guess i'll just have to disable the sleep mode when the lid closes and leave the laptop on while I eat. bah. Still annoying how it's not finished charging

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