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I Installed windows 7 64 bit edition using bootcamp. I used bootcamp under utilities on my macbook. I can not connect to the internet because windows 7 says the network driver isn't the correct one this is for my LAN. I need to install the correct driver for it. but i cant find it. And Windows cant do an automatic search for it bc i cant connect >:(

any help is appreciated


Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    Hi and welcome to Discussions,

    just to rule out the obvious (and because you didn't mention it):

    After the installation of Windows 7 did you insert the OSx Installation DVD that came with your Mac while in WIndows to install the Windows Drivers Apple provides on that disc ?

    If not, please do so (as per the instructions in the BootCamp Installation Guide).


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    I, too, installed Windows 7 64-bit in a bootcamp partition, and on the Windows side, Internet Explorer doesn't connect to the internet. I am connected via ethernet cable to the router which also has wi-fi. My Windows side says there is no ethernet connection, but it shows a strong and connected wi-fi, yet IE spends a long time trying to connect and then doesn't. If Windows says I'm connected via wi-fi, why won't in connect. I'd rather be connected by wire, but I'll take anything.
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    If you hover the mouse pointer over the Wi-fi connection in the taskbar, does it say "internet access" ? If not right click on it and choose, troubleshoot problems.

    Also the default settings in internet explorer sometimes dont work with some routers.
    Open internet explorer, go to Tools, then to Internet Options, then when that window opens go to connections, then near the bottom is should have a LAN settings button. Click on that and there should be a box that says "automatically detect settings" , make sure the box is empty, then apply, then retry the internet.
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    Thanks for your suggestions. I followed them, but no joy. "Automatically Detect Settings" is now unchecked. I even rebooted into Windows. No help. When I try to set up an internet connection in the Internet Options/Connections tab, I get the message that I am already connected to the internet. Yet, I can't get to google.com, msn.com, or any common site. The IE process takes a long time, and then tells me it can't find the site. It is all very confusing.
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    I have a very similar problem; Windows sees no network connections at all and the only one it'll allow me to set up is PPPoE, which would be fine if I had DSL but I don't.

    I've applied 3.0 and 3.1 versions of Boot Camp. I've tried reinstalling the Broadcom driver on its own. I am stumped.
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    Same problem occurs in my computer. I have tried several things. All did not work. I am expecting a new update for MAcBook Pro 15 inch from Apple immediately.

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    I too have installed Win7 x64 in boot camp on my MacBook Pro 13 mid-2010. Wireless works fine until I try to connect to a radius AP. I can't get the certificate to show so I can accept it.
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    I installed Windows 7 on my new 17" Core i5 Macbook Pro, and everything is working great except wifi at my house. I have AT&T Uverse, and Mac OSX, my iphone, ipad, and Mac Mini all connect to my wireless network. My HP laptop also connects to the wireless network. Oddly, Windows 7 bootcamp DOES connect to wifi hotspots at Starbucks and McDonalds. I tried installing the most recent bootcamp drivers from Apple's support site via a wired connection to Uverse (which does work), but Apple says that my current drivers are the most up to date.
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    I'm having a similar issue with the wireless drivers. I've tried everything I've seen in forums and tried installing versions of the Broadcom drivers I've found with no luck. Has anyone had any luck with wireless drivers?

    I first posted on another thread that where someone had a similar problem with wireless as well as with audio drivers, which I think I resolved.
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    I fixed both these issues by doing the following in this order. I'm not sure what did the trick but I'll lay out my steps. This assumes that the internet difficulties were do bad wireless drivers.

    1) Uninstall Boot Camp control panel
    2) Reinstall Boot Camp 3.0 drivers from Snow Leopard DVD
    3) Go into Device Manager (right click on Computer -> click on Device Manager)
    4) Wireless card appears as a "Network Controller" with a warning sign next to it. Right click and uninstall it.
    5) Install the Boot Camp 3.1 update. Can be found on Apple's support site.

    That seemed to do the trick for both the audio from the laptop speakers and the sound. Hope that helps