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When I synced my new ipad last night it synced pictures on my laptop. for some reason it duplicated several pictures. probably 550-600 to be exact. I tried to delete them on the iPad but I do not see a trashcan or any way.

This has probably already been posted, if so please point me to the thread.

Thanks in advance.

ibm, Windows XP
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    If you search, using the search function on the right, the iPad forum for:
    delete AND photos
    you will fine many posts (over ten pages) on the the subject of deleting photos. If the photo were syned to the iPad then the only way is to delete them from the syncing folder on the computer and the synce w the iPad with the computer.

    From page 51 of the iPad's User Manual:

    Delete a photo: You can delete photos from the Saved Photos album, which contains
    photos you save from email or the web. For photos synced from your computer, you
    need to delete the photo from the album on your computer, then sync iPad again.
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    Thanks for the help. Not as easy as the iPhone. but i will work it out.

    THanks again.
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    jfgardner4 wrote:
    Thanks for the help. Not as easy as the iPhone. but i will work it out.

    It's the same on an iphone. The sync'ed photos are removed by deleting them from the designated sync folder. The "Saved Photos" (camera roll on the iphone) photos can be deleted manually on the iDevice, one by one.
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    This post show how to delete multiple photos from the imported photos file on the ipad.