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Hi there,
I have a 13" MacBook Pro unibody and the iSight isnt working so I want to reset the SMC / PMU. So, I went to the Apple site and it suggested resetting the SMC / PMU for the unibody.
I held down the 3 keys and the power button, then released. The site then said to press the power button again to start it up, but the laptop started once I released the 3 keys and powerbutton. What am I doing wrong?
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    Hello newtonajn

    I understand that you are using these instructions for resetting the SMC:


    Start with the "Before Resetting the SMC" instructions.

    Then follow the specific instructions for your unibody 13" MBP:

    Resetting the SMC on portables with a battery you should not remove on your own

    Note: Portable computers that have a battery you should not remove on your own include MacBook Pro (Early 2009) and later, all models of MacBook Air, and MacBook (Late 2009).
      1. Shut down the computer.

      2. Plug in the MagSafe power adapter to a power source, connecting it to the Mac if its not
        already connected.

      3. On the built-in keyboard, press the (left side) Shift-Control-Option keys and the power
        button at the same time.

      4. Release all the keys and the power button at the same time.

      5. Press the power button to turn on the computer.  Note: The LED on the MagSafe power
        adapter does not change states or temporarily turn-off when you reset the SMC.

    If that is what you have already tried, review the instructions again to be sure you are following them exactly and in the proper order.

    Take you time. You may be rushing the process. Hold the keys and power button down for about half a second (Step 3) before simultaneously (Step 4) releasing them. Then wait another half- second before pressing the power button in Step 5.

    If necessary, try the process several times to be sure you are releasing all the keys at the same time you release the power button.

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