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Hello all,

I'm on my third iPhone now (V1, 3GS and 4), so I'm a little used to dealing with some glitches from time to time...

But this, I have no solution for:

I was driving yesterday using "Navigon USA" on my iPhone 4.
The phone was plugged into a charger, so it did NOT run out of juice.
Suddenly, the screen went black.

I have not been able to restart it since then ! It is TOTALLY unresponsive.

I tried:

- Rebooting: Home + Power pressed from 10 seconds to 2 minutes with and without the phone connected to iTunes (in which it doesn't show up).
- Recovery mode: plugging it into my Mac with the Home button pressed, then releasing after a while,
- DFU mode,
- Leaving it alone all night and retrying all of the above the next morning,


It's like something broke inside. (It was not particularly hot or anything...)

Weird thing though: When I call it, it does NOT go to voice mail immediately like it does when it is shut off: I can hear tones in the other phone I'm using to call it, but of course it is not responsive, it just sits there, dead. After about 5 "rings" it goes to my voicemail...

Of course, the next step is to take it to an AppleStore to get a replacement (hoping they have some in stock at the Boston Store...), but I hadn't synced it in the last couple of days, and had shot some videos and pictures I would hate to loose.

Anybody know any mac software that would help me recover those ?

Thanks for any help.


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Anybody know any mac software that would help me recover those ?Don't know of anything that will work on a dead phone. Phoneview works great, but your phone needs to be up & running to use it:http://www.ecamm.com/mac/phoneview/

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