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My iPhoto '08 takes well over a minute (of spinning beach ball) upon opening, before it will allow me to execute any commands.
This is new behavior since I installed OS 10.6.4 last week.
I'm noticing other large applications are opening very slowly, too, such as InDesign.
My iMac is well maintained, I think. 2 Gigs of RAM. Hard Drive still has more than 50% free.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.6.4), MacBook, iPhone 4, iPad
  • LarryHN Level 9 (74,365 points)
    Given the lack of information it could be many things

    some things to try

    Run software update and be sure you are totally up to date

    in the iPhoto preferences turn item counts off, set web sync to manual and turn off all sharing options

    A good general step for strange issues is to renew the iPhoto preference file - quit iPhoto and go to "your user name" ==> library ==> preferences ==> com.apple.iPhoto.plist and trash it - launch iPhoto which creates a fresh new default preference file and reset any personal preferences you have changed and if you have moved the iPhoto library repoint to it. This may help

    This does not affect your photos or any database information (keywords, faces, places, ratings, etc) in any way - they are stored in the iPhoto library - the iPhoto preference file simply controls how iPhoto works - which is why renewing it is a good first step.

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    Thank you, LarryHN! Trashing the iPhoto.plist file did the trick.
    I truly appreciate the quick and correct advice!