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    awesome... where would that be found in the audio midi setup app? i can't seem to find the option!

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    I have my MBA running audio out and USB out now, both are sending left and right info, how ever the USB sounds much better running into my peachtree audio amp.  I used the aggregate device and added both outputs. The only problem that I run into is that I have to restart iTunes everyday to get the USB audio out to show up, but other then that it works great.


    I found the Audio MIDI Setup as below;





    -Audio MIDI Setup


    Then you just click the + on the bottom right and select aggregate device and check the audio levels for each one.

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    Solved. (for me at least)


       I found there is an update in the soundflowerbed code to 'clone' audio to all outputs.

       Works great for me. ymvv.


      I put up a page with instructions and background.


      Hope it helps!



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    I use multiple instead of agregate and it works, but neither of these virtual devices let me control the volume and I need to control the volume of each output sources... from each ouitput souirce ! (an iMac and an HDMI screen)

    PTHVolume lets me control the volume of the iMac but not of the HDMI screen.

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