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I have 7 months old iphone. It worked well until now. It didn't have any problem until last month. I deleted some notes from my iphone, but after some time I found that those deleted notes reappeared. I again deleted them but they keep reappearing. I tried to reset my iphone and when itunes asked me if load a backup or a new iphone, i checked new. So there should be no notes at all but they keep reappearing. I can't delete them from Mail.app on my mac because there are just not shown there. I can only see the notes with iphone and a program called PhoneView! What's wrong with it?

MacBook Pro 5.1, iOS 4
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    I have the same problem and I'm mighty mad now, because the old notes tends to block my first view. I even got a note that I wanted to keep disappearing, too.

    I allow notes to sync between Gmail and some other mail accounts. But the only trouble notes are in the "On My Mac" "account," reappearance or disappearance. I looked into Mac Mail, and found several notes under Reminders but not the ones I deleted from iPhone. I right click on "On My Mac" and see "Erase Deleted Items." Tried that, no use. All those deleted notes came back on next sync.
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    After some digging, I find current notes under $HOME/Library/Mail; "On My Mac" items should be under Mailboxes/Notes.mbox/. Indeed I see notes that I haven't explicitly deleted from "On My Mac" there. I can even see several copies of the note that officially disappeared from the main view, under an IMAP account with names like NNNN.partial.emlx.

    Still, I cannot find source of those reappearing notes that I explicitly deleted.
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    Ahem! Kudos to iTunes 10.1/iOS 4.2. (How many times do I have to say this?) This seems fixed in the latest update.
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    Same issue here. But iTunes 10.1 und iOS 4.2 did not fix it.
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    I had this problem after telling Apple Mail to sync with my email accounts through IMAP. You need to tell Apple Mail to store Notes locally (not on the email servers). Then delete those notes from your iPhone and from Apple Mail. Then quit Apple Mail and turn off your iPhone.

    You want to prevent syncing temporarily.

    Now, you need to go into your email server (such as log into gmail.com) and manually find those notes and delete them there. Then make sure you empty the trash.

    Now open Apple Mail and let it sync to Gmail (or whatever). Notes should not reappear. Create a new note in Apple Mail to test. It should only appear "On my Mac" and will not be visible if you log into gmail.com.

    Now connect your iPhone to your computer. But before you sync! Go into iTunes and tell it not sync notes. Sync. Then re-enable sync'ing of notes.

    Should work.
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    veejl, I followed your advice but some things were different for me.

    1) I have no setting to tell Mail.app to store notes locally.

    2) I deleted the reappeared notes from my iPod (again). In Mail.app, no old notes reappear.

    3) In Gmail, I found several messages from "(unknown sender)". These were my old notes. I deleted those. Hint: The dates of the deleted notes as shown on my iPod and the dates of the Gmail messages matched.

    4) In Mail.app, the same messages were present, but they were not filed under "Notes". It might be easier to delete them in Mail.app than in Gmail. Simply select all your mailboxes and sort by the little dot (default: first column). All notes will be at the top or bottom and can be easily deleted.

    I am quite confident they will not reappear. Thanks veejl!

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    Good news did not stand long. After a few more syncs, deleted notes came back again.

    I also notice that all my notes, though originally created in real mail accounts such as Gmail, are now in "On My Mac" and no longer in the mail accounts, even while I can still see the note in Gmail. This just does not sound a correct logic.