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Well as a finally attempt at desperation, here goes nothing

Recently bought the iPhone4 and attempted to plug her into my Acer Aspire One. After hours of configuring settings, firewalls and the like I gave up. It was seeing a device attached, just not recognizing it as an iPhone. It charges it as well as asking if I want to take the pictures off the phone I have taken. I fail.

Go to the Genius Bar and prompt him with the above. Play around on the PC for a bit, and can't get it to recognize my phone as a phone either. He tells me my computer either is not powerful enough or does not have the correct software needed to handle the iPhone. He fails.

I previously have had a iPhone 3g working properly on this computer as well as a iPad with not problems. My computer fails.

Does my computer suck this much or is there a way to fix this?

Acer Aspire One, Windows XP, Computer blows