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Does anyone know a better way to setup the following scenario.

I have my iTunes library on my iMac and then copy the Music part of the Library onto my TimeCapsule. From the TimeCapsule I then share the music to my Sonos system.

My problem arrises from keeping them in sync. If I buy an album, easy, I just copy that album there and then and the Sonos picks it up overnight when it re-scans the TimeCapsule. The problem arrises when I maybe buy the occasional track over a week or 2 and don't copy the tracks. Then I have to manually find all the tracks I've bought and copy them at a later date. What I would like to do is use something like Carbon Copy Cloner that just copies any new files to the TimeCapsule and removes any that I remove from my iMac. Problem, Carbon Copy Cloner doesn't support TimeCapsule's.

Does anyone know any other software that would sync a local folder a TimeCapsule easily?

iMac i5 16Gb, MBP 15" i5, MP 2.26 2009, Mac OS X (10.6.4), iPhone 4, iPad 64Gb 3G
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    I have my iTunes library on my iMac and then copy the Music part of the Library onto my TimeCapsule.

    Just set the iTunes media folder to the Time Capsule. -> iTunes for Mac: Moving your iTunes Media folder
    No need to copy anything. All media in iTunes will simply be stored and accessed on the Time Capsule.
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    There's a few reasons that I couldn't do that. Firstly, I want my library in 2 places for safety. Secondly, I'd never trust my main library on a TimeCapsule, they have a crazy failure rate. Lastly, having my main library on a TimeCapsule is WAY too slow for the size of my library. I tried it once on a different NAS and it was just so sluggish.

    I'm more interested in some software that would keep my current arrangement in sync.
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    Hi Infotech, I'm faced with the same dilemma, did you manage to resolve it? If so I'd be grateful if you could share the solution.

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    My itunes library is on the TC directly from itunes. (Backup can be done with external disc inserted in TC) BUT the problem is that everytime i open up my Itunes destinations setting has changed back to "factory setting" and i therefore have to reorganise my music and that takes around 5-10 min. after that it takes Sonos 6 hours to update the library (130 gb) because all info have changed.
    I think the best way is to use Chrono Sync then you dont have to remember which songs are new and need to be copied, the sonos updating proces should also be faster.