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How do I change the name that iTunes displays for a podcast? I play my iPod through my stereo, which displays only the first 10 characters of the podcast name - as displayed by iTunes - in the selection menu.

So "NPR: StoryCorps" and "NPR: Story of the Day" display identically, and a lot of the other podcast names aren't that descriptive either, when truncated to their first 10 characters.

Can I change these within iTunes? ("Get Info" seems to allow me to change the name iTunes records for an individual episode, but not for the show as a whole.)


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    You'll have to change the names individually. iTunes allows you to select the podcast folder and make a global change but NAME is not part of that global change (artist, album, genre and whatnot can be changed).

    To make it quicker you can do one of two things:

    1. select the first podcast, do a GET INFO, change the name, select and copy the new name, hit the NEXT button at the bottom of the info and paste the new name into the remaining shows one at a time.

    2. or, do the first three things above (up to change the name) then close the GET INFO window. Select the second show and type in the first few letters of the new name (it should automatically fill out the rest of the name for you).

    If all that doesn't work (test a couple of shows before changing everything), Then create a playlist with the name you want and save all of the shows to the playlist (you can do this by selecting the podcast folder, right click or option click and chose SAVE TO PLAYLIST. You may still have to rename the shows but your iPod will read the playlist folder instead of the podcast folder.

    Hope that helps.