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My iPod Touch is frozen on the connecting to iTunes screen (The one with a usb plug pointing to iTunes logo) even when I plug it into my computer. Windows do give sound when I plugin, but it was not the successful connected sound but repeating the first note for three times =_=" iPod then appears the connect to iTunes logo, but it just stuck there. I hold the sleep/wake button for 5 seconds, it goes black directly, and windows would give unplug sound alert. But the iPod actually gives the white apple logo immediately without me pressing any button and goes back to the connect to iTunes logo. AGAIN. And computer gives ridiculous plugin alert then everything just go round and round and round.

Now iTunes won't detect it, therefore no restoration; Restart won't work either. If I press the sleep/wake button for 2 seconds without connecting it to the computer, it appears the apple logo, then go back to the connecting to iTunes screen immediately, and goes dark in 30 seconds.

Everything started after I updated new iOS for iPod touch, and I dunno how long would it take to run out the battery under this condition -_- I have updated to the newest iTunes version too.

Needs help urgently and thanks a lot!!

Windows XP