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I have a problem importing/adding photos to iMovie 09 from my network computers or from my other hard drives and folders. Photos that are not in iPhoto, and I want to keep them out of the iPhoto.

When I drag n drop them on the project pane, nothing happens.

Is there a way to add photos to iMovie from something other than iPhoto.

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    Try dragging them to a locally attached folder - not network. Then you can drag and drop from Finder to your iMovie Project.
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    Thank you for the reply. Well, the problem is, as I have written previously, even with local files. None of the Drag n Drop functions work for iMovie 09. Except in the program, but I need material to get it in the app.

    Anyway I found a workaround this problem. Open iPhoto, create new Album, DnD photos (images) in iPhoto album. It will create a folder. Call folder whatever you want. Just for recognition purposes. Open iMovie, and there you have it. Its in iPhoto section of iMovie.

    Lame workaround, but... When in need.
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    I just fought with the same thing twice now... I did it the other day and then forgot what I did. I just now did it again because my wife was trying to add arbitrary photos not in any iPhoto album into an iMovie...

    Anyway, click the photo button to get the window of iPhoto and Photo Booth thumbnails. If you have the drop down menu above the thumbnails, pull the bar below it to expand the list of iPhoto albums. The pull down menu should go away. Once it is a list of albums you can scroll through, drag the folder containing the photos you want to add to the list area. It should add another item to the base of that list, "Folders" and one level below that, the folder you just dragged onto that pane.
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    icenyne, thank you, but I know what is the iPhoto procedure and I was just wishing I could drag n drop photos. Well, guess what. Sometimes I can. I dont know how, I dont know why, but I do. PNG or JPG doesn't matter it works.

    So I guess this is a bug and there is no solution.
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    I see you all posted this awhile ago but I am trying to make a dvd of photo's. Want to use imovie also. Not sure I like this version. But have to deal with it now. Can you tell me will iphoto only load jpg photo's. I seem to be having problems with photoshop photo's. I wish I could just click on the photos and drag them from the desktop. This really stinks to have to do all this extra work to get them in there. I believe on the old version of iMovie you could do that.
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    Also can anyone tell me why when I drag photos to iPhoto in a certain order iPhoto changes the order of the photo's when it imports them?