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I purchased my MBPro 15-inch in December of 08 (so unibody type). For the last few months, after a couple of hours, the trackpad becomes unusable. You can't "click" and navigating around the screen clicks and unclicks and is general extremely sensitive.

When I remove the battery, it works fine (but you have to keep the power supply connected or it dies instantly). As of this week, when I replace the battery, it goes straight back to the problem. Previously, I would get 15-30 minutes of "normal" usage and then the problem would reassert itself.

Should I just get a new battery? Is this the kind of issue that Apple had previously on non-unibody MBPros and required a mass recall and replace of batteries?

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

Macbook Pro 15 inch unibody, Mac OS X (10.6.4)
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    No, this is a common late stage of failure for any rechargeable battery. First they start to swell, then if you ignore that long enough, they eventually explode.

    Right now the battery is exerting upward pressure on the trackpad keeping it from depressing. If you keep using that same battery, pretty soon it will start warping the case, doing permanent damage. Continue ignoring it, and one day you'll have a lap full of hot battery acid. You think the old lady with the McDonalds coffee had it bad, she'll have nothing on you. You won't really have a lap to speak of if that happens.
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    Welcome to Apple Discussions!

    This is likely the same issue which resulted in a recall of swollen batteries (Battery Update). Have you carefully checked your battery for any signs of swelling or leaking? If you do have a swollen battery, stop using it immediately and get a replacement. You don't want to risk permanent damage to your Mac.

    The battery doesn't even have to be in use. Some time ago, someone posted a picture of a spare battery that had never been in a machine, but which had still swelled up and come apart.

    There seems to be some question as to whether this is to be expected of all these batteries, or if it is an indication of a factory defect. For this reason, people have had mixed results trying to get the battery replaced for free from Apple. Generally, if you've been able to get 300 cycles out of your battery, your battery is just considered worn out and your chances of a free replacement are remote. If this happens on a newer battery with fewer cycles, I believe decisions are made on a case by case basis.

    I actually hope that swelling is a characteristic of a defective battery and not something expected to happen to all of them. Especially since the new Unibody Macs now have a built-in battery that is not supposed to be user replaceable.

    Good luck!
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    I have the identical problem and same Macbook pro 15,
    are you or did you buy a new battery? if yes, did it fix your problem?
    many thanks!